Employment Report Farce And More On The Comey/Clinton Connection

The non-farm payroll is nearly as corrupted as the James Comey/FBI and Loretta Lynch/Justice Dept cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s crimes.  A poll done by the ABC New affiliate out of Virginia showed that nearly 95% of those polled thought that Hillary should be criminally prosecuted:  8 News Daily Poll.

I suspect that a large portion of the public is beginning to understand how tragically and catastrophically corrupted the entire U.S. political and financial system has become, which means I doubt many people believe today’s non-farm payroll report either.  I’m not going to “legitimize” it by analyzing the numbers other than to say that the headline report conflicts drastically with every single private-sector economic survey that includes an employment measurement index.  Drastically.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts posted by commentary on James Comey yesterday.  His readership globally is bigger than either the online NY TImes or the Wall St. Journal issues.  One of his readers sent Dr. Roberts this additional on James Comey:

In 2003, Comey became the deputy attorney general at the Department of Justice (DOJ). In 2005 he signed on to serve as general counsel and senior vice president at defense contractor Lockheed Martin. In 2010 he joined Bridgewater Associates, a Connecticut-based investment fund, as its general counsel. On September 4, 2013, James B. Comey was sworn in as the seventh Director of the FBI. Talk about the revolving door in and out of government ! A shill for the private defense industry and later a wall street investment firm, two of the groups that support Hillary\’s assent to the Throne.

Today’s thoroughly rigged labor report and the cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s crimes further supports my thesis that the U.S. has fully descended into a Banana Republic – welcome to Hell.

6 thoughts on “Employment Report Farce And More On The Comey/Clinton Connection

  1. Just saw a headline on MSM that made me want to puke. The first couple of lines of the article:
    “Remember how unexpectedly bad the May U.S. employment report was? With Friday’s release of June employment data, it turns out the weakness was a fluke after all”

    If all is fine and dandy then why is there no increase in interest rates by the Fed?

  2. kudos to all silver longs that didn’t get shaken out early this morning, good showing by the gentleman’s metal today

  3. TOTALLY off-topic, but:

    There were clear & definitive early reports that there were (at least) 2 snipers (possibly more) & Dallas police officers were “triangulated”. Even the Dallas Police chief himself said this to media & went out on twitter feeds early on.

    Now, the only story being circulated on mainstream is:
    There was ONLY 1 sniper, and he has been “conveniently” killed.

    There is NO POSSIBLE mathematical and physical way for A SINGLE sniper to TRIANGULATE multiple police officers!!!

    I just don’t know what to believe anymore, my mind is beyond numb. The sequence of all these events (including back to back police brutalities in Louisiana & Minnesota) is for the society to experience a collective numbness as a whole. Just like the Orlando story, right off the bat on the first day after the event itself there are so many glaring holes in it, it’s beyond incredulous.

  4. “Sell The House, Sell The Car, Sell The Kids!”
    “I’m Never Coming Back”

    Chills watching that, went and saw it 25 times during my early 20’s, had a very profound impact..I suspect just like the age we now enter, 40 years later..


  5. The earlier comment about Dallas event was possibly NOT off-topic after all. It’s quite possibly related to the Hitlery circus underway.

    First of all, video making exact point that my earlier comment made:


    And how it may be related to Hitlery in terms of timing:

    Could the Dallas tragedy suggest it’s an engineered event to provide distraction away from focus on (WAR-)CRIMINAL Hitlery?



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