Empty Gold Vaults and Fresh Out of Bombs

Guest post from The Daily Coin:

Paul Volker was the last central bankster to actually do the right thing and push interest rates to 21%. Can you imagine that happening today? The entire global financial system would blow apart before lunch.

As U.S. politicians are in a constant state of bickering and arguing, not only with the world, but within our borders, how are we to compete with an economic machine the size of China and Russia? The citizens of this country need to understand these projects are happening and will change the course of history. The economic and power shift is happening right now. The now unavoidable economic collapse coming to the shores of America is happening. The Western economies began unraveling in earnest in 2008 and, as we are seeing today, will continue to accelerate until its bitter end.

You can read the rest of this here:   Out of Gold and Bombs

2 thoughts on “Empty Gold Vaults and Fresh Out of Bombs

  1. The meltdown in crude oil is starting to leak into
    other derivative products and has been for the last
    three weeks. China is dumping copper derivatives as
    well as crude oil and now the funds are playing follow
    the leader. This gives new meaning to sell in May and
    go away. This will be sell in May and get the hell outta
    the way.

  2. This game will continue until the rest of the world decides that they don’t trust the US dollar. Only then will we see a collapse. This may happen quickly but my opinion is that we may still have 5-10 years before this happens.

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