Enjoy This Labor Day – The Next One Might Be Unpleasant

I hope everyone enjoys this Labor Day with a few beers, family, friends and the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.  Most Americans do not realize that they are living in the shadows cast by the setting of the American Empire’s sun.  The U.S. political and economic system has morphed into a Banana Republic of the sort at which we used to laugh in high school history courses.

While the Government attempts to brainwash the population into slavish adulation of the military as the Deep State prepares for a global war, consider that the true patriots in this country are people like Paul Craig Roberts who have the balls to expose the truth about what is transpiring  beyond the veil of propaganda that has fallen between the American public and the wealthy elitists:

Workers understood that labor was the backbone of the economy, not Wall Street moguls or bankers in their fine offices. Workers wanted a holiday that recognized labor, thus elevating labor in public policy to a standing with capital. Some states created labor day holidays, but it wasn’t until 1894 that Labor Day was made a federal holiday.

The labor movement, which gave us Labor Day, is no longer with us. The American labor movement died about ten years after the death of its most famous leader, George Meany of the AFL-CIO. Meany, born in 1894, died in 1980.

Looking at last Friday’s BLS payroll report, the jobs are in the lowly paid, part-time service sector. The goods producing sector of the economy lost 24,000 jobs. The jobs are in retail trade, health care and social assistance, waitresses and bartenders, and government which is tax supported employment.

Whether Washington policymakers realize it or not, the American work force smells like India’s of a half century ago. Whatever deranged Hillary and her neoconservatives claim, there is no evidence in the composition of the US labor force that the US is a superpower. Indeed, what the employment statistics show is that the United States is a third world country, a country whose leaders are so out of their minds that they are picking fights with first world countries—Russia and China.  LINK

Dr. Roberts is a colleague and a friend with whom I’ve debated several issues and ideas. Unfortunately I do not have a realistic counter-argument to his sordid conclusion:  “The United States of America is on its last legs. As there is no willingness to recognize this, nothing can be done about it. America’s last function is to cause World War 3 in which all of us will expire.”

5 thoughts on “Enjoy This Labor Day – The Next One Might Be Unpleasant

  1. Hello, Dave.

    We are Canadians. I am as far as I believe to be fully cognizant of the dire straits of the USA. We are snow birds and have decided to not go to your country and contribute any longer. We feel very uncomfortable and fearful of our safety. This is very unfortunate for us and friends we have in your country. We are liquidating and not returning. Politics and crime are in the forefront. I read your site and others religiously for news and future developments that may impact our lives. This labor day we made our decision and I may add, many may have made this decision also. The bully under the 49th parallel is not looking very inviting anymore. We fear for your people and society as a whole. This was not like this ten years ago, we feel very uncomfortable now in your country. Very sad, no?


    1. @Spencer My dad will be snowbirding from Mich. to AZ this winter and he has no clue in spite of my warnings. I can only hope the crash is in October b4 he goes.

  2. Happy Holidays to you too, Dave. We might as well enjoy ourselves, because the future will be here soon enough.

    I’m celebrating that we dodged two hurricanes in one week!

  3. Someone with whom I debated the EU Referendum a few days after the vote in favour of leaving, a person who was for remaining in the EU countered my scepticism (I called it ‘wariness’) of the EU by saying: ‘I don’t share your pessimism’ meaning she thought that in a scenario where the UK was not fully ‘engaged’ with the EU, the UK would fall apart . Well, I think apply the same comment to PCR: ‘I don’t share your pessimism’. I think the underlying ‘will’ (to give it a name that everyone can understand) of humanity is totally and utterly against ‘total planetary war’ and those who promote it will not be able to carry it out. Ever. We know very little about what is really going on ‘at the very highest levels’ but I can assure you, by reading such runes as are there, it is peaceful and any threats to the whole planet will be ‘neutralised’. Politicians can talk as big as they like but mostly what comes out is hot air.

    As a collective, humanity is far more powerful than these few, these very few warmongers, and they are aware of that. However, just bear in mind that nazis never give up and carry on their crazed and insane plots until, thankfully, they exhaust all their resources and have to flee for their lives like rats. Only this time, there won’t be a United States of America for them to run to, as the did post 1945 under cover of Operations ‘Paperclip’ and Odessa, in order to start again. There isn’t another America available now.

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