Eric Dubin – The News Doctors: Unusual Trading Patterns In Gold/Silver

There are no markets anymore – only interventions.  – Chris Powell, Co-Founder & Treasure of GATA

There’s no question right now that the Fed/Treasury/Banks – collectively the Plunge Protection Team – are putting a great deal of effort into keeping a strong bid underneath the S&P 500.  Of course, there’s slippage in other areas (click to enlarge):

DJTThe Dow Jones Transports have been in a definitive downtrend now since the beginning of the year.  It is diverging negatively from the heavily manipulated S&P 500.  More important, the DJT represents shipping and transportation companies which are directly tied to any consumption-based economic activity.  If consumers are not spending money, it shows up directly in the bottom line of most of the companies in the DJT.

Eric Dubin of The News Doctors has noticed some intervention slippage in the trading patterns of gold and silver:

Yesterday’s pop higher after Janet Yellen and her marry band of central bankers pushed expectations for interest rate normalization further out in time.  Gold and silver shot higher.  But what was far more interesting was precious metals trading during the 48 hours prior to the FOMC announcement.  On Tuesday, there was a small raid, but gold and silver reversed and recouped about 75% of the damage within just a few hours.  

There’s no question that the metals are behaving differently right now.  It seems that, rather than having an unfettered ability to push the metals lower – as has been the case for the last four years – the manipulators are working feverishly to keep the metals from streaking higher.   One obvious indicator is the record level of open interest, most of which represents naked shorting, in Comex paper silver futures.

Eric has detailed some other interestingly unusual activity and you can read his article here:  Silver & Gold Update – The News Doctors.

6 thoughts on “Eric Dubin – The News Doctors: Unusual Trading Patterns In Gold/Silver

      1. Dave, don’t you think that Mirus Securities was possibly assisting
        the Fed in “executing” the trades? The HFT of course were participating
        because once the algorithms kick in the exercise becomes lemmings
        on a dog pile. I think the point of the article was to show that instead
        of doing a thorough investigation the CFTC produced a scapegoat that
        would be difficult to investigate. The Zen fire platform is gone(a smoking
        gun) Mirus has been sold to Ninja Trader and of course all the players
        who were participating have moved on. So excuse me for not adding
        a little more depth to my original post. The entire episode just falls in
        line with a host of other illegal activities that are never prosecuted and
        given token fines which amount to pennies on the stolen loot.
        The CFTC now gets to say we found the perps and fined them. Now
        all you conspiracy gold bugs just shut up.

        1. Yes. That plus the Fed/banks know where the stop losses are and they start the HFT algo programs by plunging the market first and then the HFT algos see and pile on. IT’s all fraudulent electronic manipulation.

  1. This is what I call a “scapegoat article”. There is a constant barrage of these types of articles to deflect blame aka “fat finger”.

    However, we know the ONE-BANK controls the master algo that manipulates ALL global markets in unison. This one entity controls about 30 Trillion dollars worth of global GDP. This is the largest amount of aggregated power in the history of humanity!!!

    Dave – bring back Jeff Nielson to the SOT channel.

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