Eric Dubin/Jason Burack: Welcome To Dystopia

Jason Burack and Eric Dubin were back for another podcast of their new show covering markets, current events and political corruption. They have decided to name this new show, Welcome to Dystopia. Jason and Eric talk about Dystopia, what it means, its different scenarios, and how the title is mean to be funny and sarcastic.

Jason and Eric discuss what they hope to do what the podcast, why the title makes sense and they have a new contest for creative and artistic listeners.  Please create a new Welcome to Dystopia logo we can use for podcast backgrounds and possibly t shirts down the line.

Maybe we can have the “Welcome to Dystopia” catch phrase become popular and used in everyday like like “Who is John Galt?” was used in the dystopian US in Atlas Shrugged. Jason and Eric answer a listener question about when the SHTF (shit will hit the fan) and what signs can we tell that something major is coming in the next 1-3 months?

Jason and Eric also discuss whether Greece will default or whether the banks holding Greece’s debt or derivatives based on Greece will be bailed out instead?  Jason and Eric also discuss other topics including George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the Cyber Security breaches at the IRS and the federal government.

5 thoughts on “Eric Dubin/Jason Burack: Welcome To Dystopia

  1. I think you are too much emphacizing ‘when the shit hits the fan’ when it already is. Instead of looking at it as some black swan event coming I think its much more productive to look at it as a process which has begun and is accelerating leading to an inevitable end which is fast approaching. The evidence is very strong, for example, that there was a large Deutschebank centered derivatives accident, which has resulted in the sudden firing of its main officers. Although this incident has been ‘papered over’ to be hidden from view temporarily, this type of event gets built on over and over. The Greek situation , for example, is unresolvable because if the EU gives in, they will face mutinies in Spain, Portugal, Italy etc which are unsustainable. And then you want to look at the volatility issue for the ‘black swan’ that is going to take everything down. Right but we have had many such volatility issues and they are building on each other. For example, suppose as is likely they cannot come to an agreement over Greece and they call in the credit default panel like they did in Cyprus and declare it a non default. Overall will this solve anything? No because the credibility of the system will be even more irreparably damaged by such a shenanigan which is already tipping the system over now. Faith in fiat currencies is slipping daily now..the shadow banking system is already with very little collateral left, the Chinese are already dumping massive amounts of treasuries this is all part of the end game and its happening now not in the distant future and these single ‘events’ are not isolated ones they are building on each other towards an inevitable fast approaching end which does not really need a black swan . Now one other event that no one is talking about but will very likely play a major role in the ‘collapse’ is when the Chinese gold/silver fix and the Paul Coughlan lead alternative gold/silver trading system comes on line occur because it will instantly reset the price of gold and silver. Anyway, based upon the above considerations and many , many more, I suspect this summer is going to be way more volatile and we will see many more unexpected events happen as the defaulting process becomes clearly more evident.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Look, since 2009 there’s been many experts saying every few months that things would collapse. Maybe you are right and in the next few months everything does collapse (finally) but what if it doesn’t and it’s papered over even more and they buy themselves more time? There’s people in the gold and silver community that every few months say it’s guaranteed things will collapse soon. It’s best to try and not time things perfectly and already be prepared ahead of time, keep accumulating metal on a dollar cost average basis, be somewhat diversified in inflation hedges and be diversified in multiple countries with metal storage and other inflation hedges. I understand everything you just wrote about potential derivatives failure. The politicians and central banks are going to keep changing the rules.

      1. Yeah it’s always been “just around the corner”. The one thing that will signify SHTF is when the monetary reset happens, when PM’s go up multiples overnight. Who knows when, but everything points to Sept/Oct this year. It would be very strange if something didn’t happen then since it’s the 7 year Shemitah cycle and things always happen then.

  2. You can trace the decline by the only factor that matters which is the credibility of the fiat currencies. If when Greece defaults and they make it that there is no credit default swap losses, everyone will look at this as the fiat currencies have much less to no credibility. China’s dumping a couple hundred billion dollars of us treasuries does not exactly reflect that they believe in the credibility of the US dollar. The world sees the lies and deceit and the fact that the powers that be are changing the rules to protect their currencies which is causing a progressive loss of faith in those currencies…necessitating the return to gold backing to restore the loss of credibility. This loss of credibility is progressing all the time, the more desperate the government moves are the more the loss of credibility is.

  3. The reason that there has been a contraction in fiat currency viability is because of the credibility of the fiat currencies in view of their having been expanded through excessive credit formation in the first place. So by excessive money printing all the world has done is compounded the problem. Hence, the only measure that will restore this imbalance is through backing the currencies with precious metals so that excessive credit can not be formed. When the nations of the world grossly deface their currencies and hence further destroy their credibility, it appears to pull the wool over people’s eyes in the short run but only worsens the situation in the intermediate and long term. Hence, the build up of lack of credibility of western currencies is glaringly worsening when the Chinese dump their us treasuries and buy gold. The west can change all the rules they want, those who watch them do that only escape the defaced currencies all the more readily when they do that. The same reason that the currencies are questionable in the first place, that fractional reserve banking has taken an excessive share of the west’s prosperity is now bringing down the west as the fractional reserve banking system does the only thing it knows to preserve itself which is to further leverage the banking system in their favor . that only destroys the system further while they ‘think’ they are improving it.

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