Ever Wonder Why No Bankers Go To Jail?

“The sovereign in the U.S. is supposed to be ‘We The People’- first three words in The Constitution. It’s not ‘We The People.’ The sovereign power of the U.S. is a criminal global banking cartel. Period. Full stop.”

“Criminal immunity is tantamount to Sovereignty. Any entity that has criminal immunity has Sovereign power. For example, you don’t need the Constitution to coin money and regulate the value thereof. You can simply counterfeit money and rig markets. And in fact, rigging markets is what they did.”

“Collateral Consequences.” It was a term introduced to the Executive branch of Government, which includes the Justice Department by Eric Holder during the Clinton Administration. This paved the way for Justice Department prosecutors to let bankers off the hook for obvious criminal behavior.

In a 1999 memo entitled “Bringing Criminal Charges Against Corporations” (section IX on page 9) written when Holder was deputy U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder argued that government officials could take into account “collateral consequences” when prosecuting corporate crimes. By this he meant prosecutors should take into account the effect prosecuting a corporation or corporate individual will have on “innocent third parties.” That principle right there gave the keys to to the kingdom to the banks. It also explains why the SEC is so reluctant to prosecute Elon Musk.

This “consider collateral consequences to innocent 3rd parties” is what led to the bailout of the banks in 2008 and the absence of any criminal prosecutions against bank executives despite the overwhelming evidence of culpability.  Oh by the way, Eric Holder just happened to be appointed Attorney General in 2009 by Obama to make sure that Section IX of Holder’s 1999 memo held up during the period of time when the banks and their CEO’s should have been held accountable and sent to jail.

My good friend an colleague, John Titus, is back and better than ever with the introduction of a new V-Log series called, “Mafiocracy,” The short intro is entertaining as well as informative, as John has taken his graphics and cinematics to new level:

Make sure to watch the prequels to Mafiocracy, which you can access here: John Titus – Best Evidence

8 thoughts on “Ever Wonder Why No Bankers Go To Jail?

  1. Great timing Dave. This week we get the announcement of the college admissions investigations. Some high profile people in the financial industry were named. The irony that you can steal billions in the financial service industry with no consequences. However, bribe a few folks to get your kid into a high profile university, and criminally that is where you have crossed the line.

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

  2. You are correct to call out the “joke” concept of collateral consequences. What about every criminal convicted and sent to prison who leaves behind a family with no financial support. How about those consequences? Everyone and every entity needs to be prosecuted and imprisoned if they break the law. Otherwise, anything goes. You either have rule of law or complete chaos and mayhem.

  3. We have super advanced aircraft of the future made of space age
    composites with parts falling off, dilithium batteries that spontaneously
    combust and auto pilots that steer into the ground.

    Who knew Tesla made aircraft ?
    America has hit the wall, lying has become a national sport.

  4. I admire Mr. Titus for his courage in producing documentaries like this, and I look forward to following this blog. There are many facets to this catastrophe but one of it’s core features is the enormity of this criminal enterprise. It is hard to fathom because of its size and blatancy.

    One question I have however, is whether the coup d’etat occurred in 2012 or was it just owned up to by the cartel’s consigileries, because they had no choice. Also, they would have no worries about a mainstream media pursuing this, since they were, by this time, already under the umbrella.

    I also believe John’s comment that you have to go back a long way to get to the roots of this racket, which is probably as old as the advent of fractional reserve banking. But I have to wonder, based on my own reading, that the actual replacement of constitutional government with a criminal enterprise was finally completed under Clinton. It seemed to me that he was their dream boy for the presidency, particularly with his apprenticeship as attorney general and governor of Arkansas, when the Iran-Contra racket was being run out of Mena.

    A lot of dots are being connected now such as the missing $21 trillion and there actions to close off all further investigation, the refusal to audit the Fed and Fort Knox, the in-your-face rigging of all markets, and the realization of much of the world that the US is a rogue, criminal state, and has to be stopped in some way, short of WWIII.

    You are a patriot, Mr. Titus, and you too, Admin, for publishing this. Thanks.

  5. At some soul level an awareness of the commercial corporate structure which extends far offplanet via the fraudulent contracts of the Universal Postal Union, Lex Mercatoria , the UCC and all our symbols for money representing the holographic hypercube within $aturn, have to mean something significant at the galactic, cosmic level of our being.

    What comes around goes around. Murdering 8 million fetuses globally, 1.5 in the US , every year and putting the remains into the food chain , vaccines and chemtrails is genocidal at a level that is horrendous to come to grips with. What are people for? What are people? Food for another predator species of psychopath hiding within our hierarchical structure called society?

    That would mean the entire planet is a franchise to be managed via occult ritual and sacred geometric sacrificial murder on Earth Grid power points during celestial alignments. Some dystopian nightmare conjured out of a damaged psyche.

  6. When the bond market inverted, and US treasury auctions went unattended in
    2010, a string of 80 banker assassinations began… I suspect that many of them
    were planning to dump their bonds , crash the market, and buy PM….
    As far as laws are concerned, the constitution died a slow but decisive death
    starting in 1913, 1929, 1933, 1945, 1952, 1965, 1971, 1980, 1987, 1994, 2001, 2008,
    2016, and forever ! very very soon.
    Those who voted for Trump didn’t do so because they wanted a return to virtue and traditional values, NO! they did it because their comfort had been interrupted and
    they wanted back, unconditional rewards for being stupid ! the quality of the pathetic
    American people is lower than whale sh*t ! we became them !

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