Fake News And The “Healthy Economy” Myth

The “narrative” architects and fairytale spinners are desperately looking for evidence to fit their “consumer is still healthy / economy still fine” propaganda. The hype over strong holiday sales was premature if not fraudulent, as data-manipulators appear to have taken the growth in online holiday sales and projected it across the entire retail sales spectrum. I guess they overlooked the fact that online sales took market share from brick/mortar stores.

Despite the plethora of data showing that U.S. manufacturing was down last year, real retails sales are declining, restaurant traffic – including delivered food – has been contracting almost every month for two years and most households are over-bloated with debt, the Fed continues to insist that the economy is healthy with “sustainable moderate growth.” This is sheer and nonsense and the Fed knows it, which is why the Fed printed over $400 billion and tossed it at the financial system.

Chris Marcus – Arcadia Economics – and I discuss the truths underlying the U.S’ fake news economy:


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3 thoughts on “Fake News And The “Healthy Economy” Myth

  1. We are officially living in bizarre world. The money is fake,
    the markets are fake and people have decided that imitating
    retarded celebrities is a sustainable life choice.

  2. The extent of the global market manipulation can be superbly observed in these turbulent times. Today, for example, on the 5 February at 08:47 GMT all major indices in Europe and the US were ‘readjusted’ at the same time without any news or visible trigger at all. ZH likes to call these moves ‘panic bid’ probably as a term for blatant government market manipulation. At 08:47 the Dollar was pushed down, JPY and EUR pushed up. European and US bond prices which had been trading higher were suddenly pushed down. All major European equity indices which were deeply in the red were pushed into the green, the DAX added 80 points to its previous close. Gold and silver were simultaneously pushed down. The diligent observer will notice that this is going on day, month by month, for a few years now. Such precise market intervention is only possible if all major central banks act as one. My observation has been for a long time that there are no independent national central banks any more, that they have formed a secret cartel under the rule of one globalist command. This obviously has enormous implications for investors. There are no free markets any more. Successful investing is only possible for people with insider information. A good example is the recent TESLA market melt up and the corresponding looting of rationally acting TESLA shorties. Market Watch reported that since Christmas 2019 TESLA shorties have lost four billion USD. This is the price of NOT being an insider. Cui bono? The president of the billionaires and his friends.

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