Fake News, Propaganda And False Flags

The Fake News conspiracy is starting to lose steam.  It’s time to bury it completely. But this won’t happen because the “Fake News” narrative is another propaganda tool that is being used to distract the public’s attention from a collapsing economy and political system.

Paul Craig Roberts sent around an article that cites a former top NSA official who states explicitly that the NSA would have evidence of Russian influence on the election.  Apparently it has none:

If the idiots in the intelligence community expect us to believe them after all the crap they have told us (like WMD’s in Iraq and “no we don’t collect data on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans”) then they need to give clear proof of what they say. So far, they have failed to prove anything.

Which suggests they don’t have proof and just want to war monger the US public into a second cold war with the Russians.

After all, there’s lots and lots of money in that for the military-industrial-intelligence-governmental complex of incestuous relationships

This article is a must-read:   No Evidence Russia Hacked The Election.

The Russian/Fake News narrative is designed to foment Cold War 2.0 with Russia.  Russia and China are working – understandably – to remove the dollar as the world’s sole reserve currency.   The only means by which the U.S. can try to stop this is military.   It’s beginning to escalate into a dangerous game.  Trump seems to be perpetuating it by rhetorically fanning the flames with China in the South China Sea.

When an Empire is collapsing, history tells us that the Government foments “patriotism” through the heavy application of propaganda that is used to support rampant imperialism.  This is where the U.S. is right now.

Of course, Trump’s motive for enabling the Fake News narrative to perpetuate is to distract attention from his cabinet appointments, which have a decided Big Oil and Big Bank flavor to them.  So much for draining the Swamp.

This chart from William Banzai is priceless:



3 thoughts on “Fake News, Propaganda And False Flags

  1. When Mc Cain, Graham, Schumer Mc Connell, Ryan and Obama…ALL agree on something…then YOU know it is pure dog shit…as they ALL are….imho

  2. I’m not sure it’s “losing steam”. Of course, it’s a propaganda tool. But it’s not losing any steam.

    With American people outside neo-liberal neo-con coastal belts, it’s losing steam. It never had any steam to begin with. But with the Deep State, it’s not losing any steam. In fact, the situation is so dangerous: FBI & CIA are openly at war with each other & are playing it out in public thru proxy.

    Last time situation was so dangerous after an election w/ new President Elect was when James Buchanan was in office as a Lame Duck. In fact, James Buchanan put the definition for what “Lame Duck” means into the record books & we all know how it went from there.

    Also don’t agree with your view: “Trump as a motive for enabling Fake News narrative” at all. I’m not even a remote supporter of Trump. I don’t like many things about his cabinet selections. I don’t like his choice for Mike Pompeo to head CIA at all. There are too many problems with Pompeo. He may or may not be an outright Trotskyite like current CIA (I’ve no idea & will need more research to be sure). But Mike Pompeo is definitely not a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist. Having said all of this, purely from an “Inside Baseball” perspective, Trump has ABSOLUTELY no motive to enable any Fake News narrative. It doesn’t help him in any way whatsoever (at least until he has been sworn in & unless the angle of which Fake News is tailored to his advantage).

    Bottom-line: Only if Trump can get properly sworn in AND does the right thing by uprooting ALL Trotskyite CANCER in CIA AND disbands Federal Reserve/Exchange Stabilization Fund/PPT, it’s not going to make any difference. First of these things is still likely to happen. There is no chance in hell of the last 2 things happening.

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