Fight Big Pharma By Taking Control Of Your Health

In his latest commentary, James Kunstler observes that, “The public at large is restive, eager to get on with the job of deconstructing the matrix of racketeering that adds up to the immiserating culture we live in, a society where health insurance company presidents make $40 million a year while ordinary people lose their homes because a $5,000-deductible health insurance policy doesn’t cover the cost of treating a routine tonsillectomy” (LINK).

The “restive” public “at large” describes the rebirth of populism. Outside of Wall Street, there’s no bigger racketeering entity than the healthcare industry. Obamacare made it worse. The U.S. BY FAR has the most expensive healthcare in the world and yet, according to the World Health Organization, the U.S. ranks 37th globally in quality of healthcare. Number 1 in cost, number 37 in quality. That “slippage” is caused by racketeering. And make no mistake, Congress is well-paid by the industry to abide by the industry’s rules.

The system needs to be burned to the ground and re-built, including getting rid of the American Medical Association. Very unlikely to happen. but the way to fight back is to find ways to improve your health without asking the corrupt healthcare system for help. For example, some people find that lab-tested CBD oil products have a positive effect on their health and wellness.

Ultimately, finding alternative ways to combat your ailments can make a huge difference to your health. Do you ever check wholesale prices of things like CBD so you can get them from the supplier for example, this not only gives you access to an alternative, natural remedy that fights a number of health issues, but also helps you to save money. If back pain is stopping you from getting to sleep, before turning to sleeping pills or other sleeping aids, you might first find it useful to try purchasing a new mattress to determine whether your old mattress could be contributing to your lack of sleep or back pain. Correspondingly, if you are tempted to buy a new mattress to tackle your back pain, you can Read more on

Moreover, just remember that, as with anything health-related, if you are considering turning to alternative approaches to managing your ailments, then it is crucial that you do as much research as possible first.

Anyway, my colleague Rory Hall of The Daily Coin has written a well-researched article which explains low-cost ways treat physical ailments and fight back against Big Pharma. I have personal experience with some of the “health cocktails” he presents and can attest personally that they work. “10,000x More Effective Than Chemotherapy, Reduces Joint Pain, 100x More Effective Than Antibiotics and So Much More…” You can read the entire article here: The Journey To Better Health.

6 thoughts on “Fight Big Pharma By Taking Control Of Your Health

  1. Since the past 5 months I have been drinking this amish elixir consisting of apple cider vinegar, lime juice, shredded ginger and garlic 4-5 times a week. Ideally it should be taken everyday but the taste is too strong, so I slack off sometimes. It is best if taken first thing in the morning. My mom, my uncle and even my grandma have started taking this. My family is willing to do try anything that reduces the need to gulp down more pharmaceuticals.

    The health benefits of this, recipe, etc are here:

  2. Thanks for the heads up Joe. Everyone should try and keep their Ph
    levels between 7.0 and 8.0. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.
    The Ph levels between 7.0 and 8.0 are levels that create a alkaline
    environment which makes growing cancerous tumors more difficult.
    Some of the best ways of staying alkaline are eliminating sugar,soda
    and nitrates found in processed meats. If you want to find your Ph
    levels, go to any pharmacy and ask for litmus strips. The strips come
    with a color guide so after you do the test you will know where your
    your personal number is. Best of health to all.

  3. I’ve found Noni juice to be good (or the fruit leather or raw if you can get it) for digestive problems. Currently trying macca root, definitely good as a vasodilator. I eat a little kim chee daily as well as yogurt, havent tried natto but its on my list. I’m also a fan of okra, I roast it, eat it as a snack. Mushrooms are also a very good source of nutrients – maitake, shitake, etc. What the health industry has done to this country is criminal, and people everywhere let those goons manage their lives! I’m the oldest in my office but probably the most fit, its pretty sad how little people think about their health.

    Also, I’ve tried and had success with cold laser therapy for a knee injury – bakers cyst from lots of hiking.

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