Fraud Runs Rampant In The Census Bureau

Like we didn’t know that already, but here’s proof:

“I can tell you that waste, falsification and fraud are rampant,” says one of my new sources, who works as a Census supervisor in the Midwest and handles a number of surveys, including those on jobs, health and crime….When this source complained, higher-ups “told me to shut my mouth.”  When that didn’t happen, the source was deprived of work.

Here’s the article link:  New York Post

The most obvious implication here is that the monthly employment report is a complete fraud.  But then, we already knew that…

One thought on “Fraud Runs Rampant In The Census Bureau

  1. Coming from unemployed to full-time-part-time, I can tell you (from the federal temp-work program I was in) that they count 18 hours a week as “fully employed” then fire/rehire you (without you knowing – there’s no lapse in pay periods – it’s all electronically done) so you are counted again for the statistics. You can be counted many times over.

    When data just spits out a number, it’s only a number. When it can show full-time, part-time, temporaray work, contract work, etc., then you have numbers with meaning. Of course, the data will still be corrupted so maybe it doesn’t really matter after all.

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