From Dystopia To Armegeddon

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.  – Hunter S. Thompson

I mentioned the news reports of fist-fights breaking out at traffic intersections in Denver. Then yesterday I hear two different news reports of random gun shots.  One of shots fired into someone’s house in a not so great part of Denver (Aurora).  The second report of bullets flying across one of Denver’s busiest highways and hitting cars.  Then I learn last night that bullets flying into cars driving on highways in Arizona have become part of everyone’s daily routine.

We’re sliding into the “Mad Max” scenario which many of us for a long time have envisioned eventually hitting this country.  I would have thought that this environment would have started engulfing this country in 2008.  But the Government pulled what appeared to be a rabbit out of its hat which enabled it to kick “Mad Max” down the road for a bit.  That “rabbit” by the way, while preventing an all out collapse and actually making life better for the people closest to the money spigot, was nothing more than a disguise designed to help the elitists confiscate even more wealth from the middle class.

The population’s hatred for the Government grows stronger by the day.  The popularity of Trump’s candidacy for President is a reflection of this intensifying despise.   A growing segment of the population cheers harder for Trump everyday as he lashes out with insults at the politicians everyone now hates.  Let’s be honest, Trump is at least as corrupt as the career politicians he’s humorously defacing.  He would be a horrible President.  Of course, so would every other candidate on the roster for both Parties.

Perhaps the best – yet least understood – evidence of the darkness which is slowly engulfing the the U.S. is the disappearance of physical precious metals from the global financial system.   Gold and silver is being removed hand-over-fist from public view.  Most of the gold is being moved from west to east, where it’s being removed from the bullion exchanges by the 10’s of tonnes on a daily basis.  For instance, the Hong Kong Metals Exchange just had its largest daily withdrawal – 19.7 tonnes – in its history.   Roughly 100 tonnes per week is now being removed from the Shanghai Gold Exchange.  This is Gresham’s Law in action, folks.

We already know about the growing shortages for minted silver products around the world, especially in the U.S.   And the disappearance of gold from the Comex bank vaults is nothing short of stunning.  The ratio of fraudulent paper gold to deliverable physical gold hit 229:1 to yesterday.  To say this is “silly” is an insult to the word “silly.”  This reflects and epitomizes the extreme degree of corruption, fraud and theft which is burying the United States.

I was exchanging emails this morning with GATA’s Bill “Midas” Murphy.  We were marveling at just how extreme and blatant the manipulation of the precious metals market has become.  I find it beyond amusing that mainstream financial media – which rolls out charts of stocks and select commodities all day long – has failed to put on display the chart that shows that gold gets hit 90% of the time only when the Comex floor trading is open.  Funny non-coincidence, that.

I suggested to Bill that something really bad is going to hit our system:

Think about the manipulation of the metals market that occurred just before the Lehman, AIG/Goldman collapses. They took silver from $21 in March that year to $7 by late October.

Now think about how much more brutal this manipulation is both in the context both of the intensity and the disappearance of physical metal from the system.

I’d estimate that the manipulation now is probably 5x worse and more blatant than in 2008. Which means whatever is going to hit the system will be at least 5x worse than 2008.

I know most people who understand what is going on would like to see a collapse and thorough flush of the system.  Unfortunately, the dystopic behavior starting to show up in the general population will be met with brutal force by the near-totalitarian U.S. Government in an attempt to control it.   The inevitable systemic collapse will enable the Government to impose totalitarian control on the country to a degree that would be heartily admired by history’s despots.

It’s going to start to get really weird in this country (as if it has gotten weird enough already)…

13 thoughts on “From Dystopia To Armegeddon

  1. Have you seen that Freeport McMoran (FCX, the worlds largest gold company) has gone up 50% the last two weeks)? They have copper and gold as their main assets.

    1. Yep. And they are operating JV partner on two massive copper properties with one of my junior mining companies on which I have research report. Each property individually is worth more than the market cap of this junior miner.

  2. Dave,

    Can I just thank you for your excellent site, and the work you do. I found it through your pod casts with Rory. I live in the UK, and like many others have became dissatisfied at the complete bullshit we were being sold by the mainstream media. It isn’t even subtle any more. Yet it is the complete opposite of what is happening. I am far from an expert in these matters and have had a steep learning cure to discover that almost everything I am being told is not true.

    My priority is to try and protect my money, and prepare as best as I can for what chaos may ensure. Friends and family now think I am insane, and that somehow everything will be fine. They cannot understand the dire nature of where we are heading. Even minor suggestions like building up some food store in cans or withdrawing and building up some cash reserves just in case the banks collapse is viewed as if you are saying little green men are coming from Mars.

    Alastair has a piece out about the attempts of the elites to get rid of cash. Just like the Central bankers wanted rid of gold, now they want rid of cash to stop people being able to withdraw it from their banks. It seems as if the western elites are quite happy for all the gold to go east. I don’t know if this is because they are too stupid to understand the consequences or if they are quite happy to see the public become even more powerless in the dystopian nightmare that we are heading too.

    The old Chinese saying…. ” may you live in interesting times” was never more appropriate. It is an incredible time to be alive, yet very scary. Anyway keep up the great work and thanks!

    Perhaps the US/UK elites think they will get all the gold back from China and Russia when they destroy them in the likely nuclear war that seems to be coming.

    1. Very well put Mark. I agree with you 100%. Dave is a breath of fresh air in a smog filled world. I can’t think of anyone else that I would rather have on our side.

  3. Dave –
    In response to your kind remark on my obamacare comment yesterday –
    All I can say is I have moments of lucid clarity from time to time – the thing that galvanizes this I have discovered is when the SHTF as it did given my HR notifying us of increased costs. So – I have my moments of calm and lucidity every once in a while – but not so much as I used to. Must be age.

    Also – your reporting of the craziness going on out there – fist fights at a light, gun shots fired at innocents and random acts of violence (not love) just has me wondering again. Fuse meet powder keg – the question is who or what lit it.

  4. William Engdahl-How Much Longer Can the Dollar Remain The World’s Reserve Currency?
    Published on Sep 9, 2015

    William Engdahl speaks from his book, “Gods of Money” that traces the history of money as an instrument of power and about some of the power families.

  5. Sorry if this is a late reply (better late than never I guess)

    I took a trip to my favorite coin and bullion dealer yesterday, while I was there a customer came in and wanted to buy a 5 ounce silver bar. Normally my dealer has just about everything you could want, one ounce silver , 5 ounce silver , 10 ounce silver , 100 ounce bars, gold ingots and gold coins, etc. but not on this Saturday. He offered the customer a five ounce .999 round, which was the only 5 ounce silver bullion object he had, no bars just the one 5 ounce round. The customer bought five 1 ounce silver bars and left.

    Now as I mentioned previously, in the past my dealer carried just about everything you could want, I had never seen or heard him tell a customer he was out of stock of silver ever. I asked him about the supply issue and he told me getting silver eagles is a six week wait and he can’t get maple leafs anymore.

    Now, while my dealer isn’t world famous or a multi million dollar operation, he is no small time mom and pop shop either. He does a lot of business but keeps a low profile to avoid robbery.

    As many of the large, medium sized and small dealers around the country are finding it hard to get their hands on silver in any form, this leads to the following questions:

    Is this the Big One, has a silver shortage finally developed?

    Is this a matter of a bottleneck in mining and minting or is the supply just not there?

    If the price of silver increased, would the supply issue be resolved, or has the silver market reached a tipping point where demand has finally outstripped supply.

    There are many unknowns and variables, silver might come out of hiding if the price went up, or owners might hold onto it even tighter hoping for a greater increase in price or cling to silver as an inflation hedge.

    As always, Thank you Dave for all your hard work and dedication in getting out the truth concerning the precious metals and revealing the economic idiocy going on.

  6. Just a followup to my previous comment, I guess what I wanted to say was it doesn’t feel like a silver shortage until you experience it first hand. I will admit I was skeptical of the silver shortage story until I experienced it myself.

    1. How can you be skeptical? APMEX is probably the largest national coin dealer and most of their products are on an order “you have to wait” basis. The premiums for 500 minimum silver eagles now is 31%.

      Other large coin dealers are almost entirely wiped out of ALL of their silver. I am now getting emails from readers in Australia and Hong Kong reporting the same exact thing going on at dealers in those countries.

      You tell me how that’s not a shortage.

      Buying silver on EBAY is for retards and anyone who uses EBAY as the “test” for supply vs. demand is retarded

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