Gold And Silver Under The Biden Government

Despite the pervasive and omnipresent manipulation of the gold price implemented in the paper derivatives gold market – which in no way reflects the true supply/demand characteristics of the underlying market for physical gold and silver – gold has been the best performing asset over the last 20 years. Silver has been the third best performing asset. Sandwiched in between is U.S. REITs.

The economic, financial and geopolitical factors driving gold’s performance are now strengthening at an increasing rate.  Driving all three variables is the ongoing and escalating money printing by the Central Banks, led by the Federal Reserve.  It is highly likely that the recent violent attack on the gold price is a precursor to another round of money printing. This scenario is unavoidable regardless of whom or what Party occupies the Oval Office.

This in turn should catapult gold over $2,000 – for good this time.  Silver will quickly head over $30.  The mining stocks will soar.

In this week’s podcast, Chris (Arcadia Economics) and I discuss the prospects for the precious metals under a Biden Presidency:


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4 thoughts on “Gold And Silver Under The Biden Government

  1. Dave have always appreciated your work and second guessing my decision to discontinue the mining journal so am going to re-up. Also was in agreement with you on some of your comments regarding a company supposedly supporting the sector and selling metals….lets just call them ShitCo.

    I noticed a few headlines that once again made me question their support of the sector. Seems to me they are as or more interested in deferring purchases of PM’s and diverting $$ to other assets in lieu of PM’s. As you can see not a fan.

    13:33$40,000 bitcoin in 2021? Cryptocurrency is quietly making its way back to record highs –

    Kitco News 13:24Anthony Scaramucci talks crypto, gold, and Trump’s true motives for contesting election –

    Kitco News 13:04Crypto could be the next ‘digital gold’; how Trump makes decisions – Anthony Scaramucci – Kitco Video News

    Please keep the dialogue flowing

  2. Got motivated to make another purchase from Apmex whom I purchase from on a regular basis due to its proximal location to me. Its little over an hour to get there IF I need to. Had also made a purchase Sunday evening about the market opening. Looked at the order numbers and did the math. Based on the order numbers in less than 48 hours 135,489 orders were placed….hmmm. I often use the strategy of buying downward MO to make multiple smaller purchases rather than timing for just 1. I often do the math on volume and would have to say this is as big of number I have seen over the years and numbers of multiple purchases.

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