“Gold Is Money – And Nothing Else”

– JP Morgan on December 18, 1912 in testimony to Congress

Crush The Street’s Kenneth Ameduri invited to discuss why I believe the current stock market is the most overvalued in history.  We also chatted about the movement by western Governments to a digital currency system and, of course, the precious metals market.  It’s my view that the pullback in the precious metals sector that began in late July was over by the end of December.  I also believe that there’s good probability that the next move in the sector will be more powerful than the 2016 move.

You can listen to our conversation here:

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    Hi Dave. I came, he saw, it died? Thanks Dave!

    Lucky is he who know’s gold’s money.
    More golden than all the world’s honey,
    The compass for every Silk Road.
    The Ace up his computer node,
    For he gets the very last funny!t at a comment on your blog today. The message

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