Gold Is Signalling A Fed-Induced Systemic Catastrophe

The media is doing it’s part to cover up the unexpectedly bullish trading action in gold and silver.  It’s  a given that the Fed is making an all-out effort to keep a lid on the price gold. But we found this headline from to be a head-scratcher:  “Gold  pulls back from 3-week highs on U.S. jobless claims data.”    Here’s the truth:

UntitledAs  you can see, the price of gold shot up $9 right after today’s jobless claims data was released (it’s a useless statistic anyway).  If the headline said:  Gold price hit on London a.m. fix, that would have been the truth.

In the latest Shadow of Truth Market Update, we discuss the extreme corrupted nature of the Federal Reserve and why the price of gold is signalling an eventual systemic collapse:

6 thoughts on “Gold Is Signalling A Fed-Induced Systemic Catastrophe

  1. No need to over dramatize the situation as a “Systemic Catastrophe” … the bottom line is; the Dollar needs to go lower to stimulate global economic activity, period … the FED & it’s Tools are simply trying to spread as much dis-info as possible to get as many lemmings as possible on the wrong side of the trade to limit front-running the moves/markets too much.

  2. I would like to agree, but my feeling is opposite.
    The fact that Gold and especially Silver have stayed at these levels for so long with such massive printing and such a disastrous economic situation… is living proof that the banksters who own us are fully in charge and controlling everything.
    Silver at 17.29 an oz ??? The metal hasn’t been able to go through the same level as it reached (in nominal dollars !) in 1980.

    Yes, they are powerful ! And in control ! So far…

  3. You guys’ have got it all wrong…private sector does’ not create wealth….i just watched Varoufakis & Chompski & they say it is .Gov R&D that creates all wealth….the cotton mill ,the internal combustion engine ,the steam engine, energy production, it all exists only because of .Gov R&D All you nutters pushing this “Freemarket ” claptrap have perverted my judgement….i’ve decided to borrow 500 Grand move to Seattle and get a job plugged into the .Gov “Technology& innovation” garvy train,, I’ve designed this “APP” that gets rid of rat poop….from government buildings…i’m hoping it will sort out the “Clinton” problem….now wake up all you losers’….

  4. If gold will go higher than $1308 , it means they loosing control of precious metals.Prepare for War in future , watch out for Syria , they aren’t going to give up

  5. Watching the robo-trader “markets” from Australia, presently night here but morning on Wall Street (morning of Friday June 10)…

    …now I see, WHAT? At 10:15 AM EST, the SP500 had fallen into the 2080s…BUT THEN, SUDDENLY, just f-cking ten minutes later, it MELTED UP again to above 2090! (And presently, 10:33 EST, it’s spiking even higher!)…

    …and, OH, LOOK! SO IS the USD/Japanese Yen carry trade! THAT has risen, in the past hour, EXACTLY as much as the f-cking SP500!

    And so, in conclusion: Do YOU believe in fairies? Do you believe in the SP500? Then CLAP! Just BELIEVE, and clap! And then Kuroda and the Japanese Yen carry-trade will bring SP500 Tinkerbell back to life!:

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