Gold (Silver) Is The Most Manipulated Market In History

Our fractional reserve financial system is just a gigantic Ponzi scheme. It can only survive as long as it expands, which is to say, as long as new debt is flushed through the system to finance old debt. But like all Ponzi schemes, the larger it grows the more unstable it becomes. Eventually, it collapses of its own weight.  -James Sinclair in 2009

The western Central Bank/bullion bank paper gold manipulators have become obvious. The reason is that the there is nothing stopping them from manipulating the market. Eventually the physical demand from Asia will undermine their paper gold manipulation activities, but big buyers of physical who demand delivery have no reason to stop the price capping, obviously.

James Turk discussed the various factors driving the manipulation in a King World News interview. I’ve created a graphic to illustrate the manipulation of the gold market as it occurred from Sunday into Monday:

This rally in the precious metals was the result of investors moving out of currencies to a safe-haven. It was an expected and natural reaction after the Paris attacks. Then came the unnatural, second and completely different precious metals market. Gold and silver ran into a solid brick wall when London opened. The difference between the way gold and silver traded in Asia and what happened in London was as stark as the difference between night and day.

Are we to believe that in striking contrast to what we saw in Asia, there were no safe-haven buyers in Europe?

The reality is that the central planners were out in full force with their market interventions in London, selling persistently and using their algorithms to prevent gold and silver from climbing any higher.


The price of gold jumped at the open of Globex trading on Sunday evening. This would be expected after a string of bad economic and earnings reports littered the news wires late Friday. And then, of course, the event in Paris. But as you can see, after Asia was done feeding on the cheap gold provided to them from the fierce manipulation last week that drove the price of gold back under $1100, the typical Asia closed/London opens sell-off began.

The massive manipulation has taken on “shock and awe” proportions.  The fact that is has become so blatant and extreme reflects the growing sense of desperation by the elitists to keep the entire western financial/economic system from collapsing.

If gold were allowed to trade free from the control imposed using western paper derivatives, the price would shoot higher and send the warning to everyone that the system is on the verge of collapse.

Several friends and colleagues recently have expressed a high degree of frustration and have asked me when I thought the suppression of gold would end.  I point out them, and I believe correctly so, the the criminals looting our system have no choice but to use any means at their disposal in their attempt to keep gold from moving higher and to keep the stock market aloft.

They have no choice.   A falling price of gold and a rising stock market are the only cover stories they have left in their cabalistic effort to hide the absurd lies which belie the flood of propaganda about the economy, inflation and unemployment.

But at some point their ability to keep the wheels on the fraud that is the United States is going to fail.  Every Ponzi scheme in history eventually collapses.  It’s impossible to predict when this will occur.  I do believe that there is a growing sense of awareness among the population that something is wrong.  This is reflected in the fact that US Mint gold coin sales hit a 29-year high in the third quarter this year.   For those wallow about in the cesspool of blind hope and have not prepared for what’s coming, their lives will be shattered.

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  1. Dave,

    Andy Hoffman (who also happens to be your neighbor BTW, over there in Colorado) wrote yesterday that at this rate even if a nuclear bomb were to wipe out Western Europe, they will provide it as a justification for pumping US Dollar higher & smashing paper gold/silver.

    Like I said the other day in a comment: Roman dictators Nero and Diocletian have been one-upped. There is no plan B other than “crash and burn to ashes” for the central bankers and BIS. Abandon any hope for a sane U-turn solution for the mess they’ve taken us into.

  2. Don’t fear! The next bull market in gold is coming. It’ll start this year when the FED does or does not hike rates. Both scenarios are very bullish for gold. The FED is already cornered. I love the smell of bears not only in the morning but also in the evening! 🙂

  3. I believe that most of the things will happen at the same time.
    When the US fails to deliver physical gold to the east they will pull the plug on the US and the Wall Street criminals will no longer be able to prop up the the stockmarket.
    When will we reach that point?
    That´s hard to tell but when the amount of skydiving bankers who “forgot” parachutes increases along with nailgun sales, the end is near.
    Many Wall Street players are leveraged up to there eyeballs and when they know that everything is lost I guess some of them will do the honorable thing and take a walk out the Window
    The banker scum knows first hand when the jig is up so look out for increasing”suicides”

  4. In few weeks they will have back up and a lot of gold – India’s Gold Monetization Scheme. , and then expect more shorting of gold.

    1. or not?

      Modi’s gold deposit scheme attracts only 400 grammes so far
      NEW DELHI | By Manoj Kumar

      Nov 19 A gold deposit scheme launched amid fanfare by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi two weeks ago has so far attracted only 400 grammes, an industry official said on Thursday, out of a national hoard estimated at 20,000 tonnes.

      Modi has urged Indians to put gold stashed in homes and temples in the bank, offering modest rates of interest that earlier schemes have lacked. His government has also launched ‘paper’ gold in the form of gold-backed bonds.

      A shortage of centres to assay the gold being put on deposit is a problem that the government has agreed to address, said Anil Sankhwal, the northern regional chairman of India’s Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council.

      “Only 400 grammes have been deposited so far,” Sankhwal told reporters after meeting financial ministry officials. “The government has agreed to review the scheme and open more centres for gold testing and depositing in banks.”

      Indians have a deep attachment to gold, which they value not just as a wedding gift but also as a way to keep wealth away from the prying eyes of tax collectors.

      1. Hopefully Indian people will not go for that trick , because they will end up with paper money. Central banks will try anything to get what they want. , they are crooks.

  5. “[The Cabal] have no choice [but to manipulate gold and silver prices].

    What utter, utter nonsense! Of course they have a choice but they CHOOSE not to end the deception. Why, oh why does not every single HUman (sic) who is concerned at this erosion of common decency and ethical behaviour not DELUGE all known institutions behind which the manipulators hide their SHAMEFUL behaviour – the ‘fig leaf’ institutions, be they governmental, quasi-governmental or non-governmental – with the EMPIRICAL (that which can be deduced from observable facts) TRUTH, not once, not twice, but over and over and over again in the manner in which we HUmans (sic) are bombarded with their lies? I am tired of their lies but I am also tired of the constant, ridiculous hand-wringing served up by commentator after commentator each one of whom does no more than ‘preach to the choir’ and in that analogy you will note that ‘the choir’ has NO choice but to be present during the sermon!

    There is no other way: a ‘critical mass’ of those HUmans (sic), whose lives, wealth, well-being and peace of mind has been destroyed by this utterly selfish, self-aggrandising ‘coveting’ which a small number of entities upon this planet (who may or may not be HUmans (sic)), must give voice – and as ONE VOICE – allow that this travesty of Universal Law be ended without delay and those perpetrating the various calumnies mentioned herein stand down, stand aside and allow a more NATURAL ORDER, which by its very nature will be fairer and more equitable, to prevail in all peaceful aspects of HUman (sic) life – including economic, social and spiritual pursuits and endeavours.


  6. The only explanation I can come up with is America is being gutted and looted on purpose. This has been going on since Nixon closed the Gold window. The Globalists are extracting every last cent they can out of America. They’re going to allow China to rise, with our Gold & Silver, and start another Century of looting in Asia and Eurasia.

    1. I stated in 2003, after studying all of this for 2 years, that “they” would hold the system together with printed money until they had swept every crumb of middle class wealth off the table. If you are not part of “they,” you are middle class.

      I think we’re getting close. They’ve gutted about 50-70% of the pension funds. They’ve loaded the majority of the middle class up with auto debt and mortgage debt and credit card debt and student loan debt.

      They’ve loaded the Govt up with tens of trillions of funded debt and 100’s of trillions of forward liabilities. They’ve looted Social Security.

      Yep, I’d say we’re getting close.

      1. It does seem likely, but MAYBE, just MAYBE, the will (try to) double down? Under Obummer the national debt doubled. What if they get away with driving it up to 40 T under the next puppet clown? (“What difference does it make”) Unlikely, but just to say that this charade has been going on so much longer then we all thought possible, it might still go on for a good time longer. When they run critically low on fizz the game will end, very abruptly and unexpectedly. Only time will tell when to us “outsiders”.

  7. Yup …. that chart is a glaring example …. but I guess the Chinese don’t mind accumulating 200 plus tons a month via the COMEX 300-to-1 price discovery leverage … I’m sure the Chinese think it’s a great deal.

  8. Chinese Savers Turn to Gold as Rest of the World Exits Holdings

    tung by a $5 trillion stock-market collapse, an overbuilt property market and a devaluation of the yuan, Chinese investors are adding to bullion holdings that have already made them the world’s largest consumers of the metal. A third straight annual decline in prices has failed to deter purchases, partly because there are few attractive alternatives for preserving assets.
    “It’s been a very tough year for investment because shares are so volatile and bank deposits are threatened by a weakening yuan,” Hu, a 36-year-old manager at a clothing retailer, said after buying a 30-gram bullion bar for 7,865 yuan ($1,232) at a jewelry store in Beijing on Nov. 4. “I don’t think gold is going to drop any more and I can sell it back to them if the price goes up.”
    China imported the most gold in 19 months from Hong Kong in September, following the surprise devaluation of the yuan in August and a rout in domestic shares that was the biggest since the global financial crisis. Even the central bank has been accumulating the metal, announcing in July that reserves were up 57 percent since 2009 and adding to holdings each month since then. While the stock market has recouped some of its losses, investors continue to withdraw gold from the bullion exchange in a sign they are still worried about the economic outlook.

  9. Just not gold manipulation –
    The top 5 stocks holding up the S&P 500 from hitting the floor are;
    Alphabet (Google)
    With a valuation of over 20X EBITDA and account for over 9% of the equity cap of the index! What could go wrong?
    You will notice the “product” that these 5 corporations “produce?” Zippolla!

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