Gold & Silver: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Gold and silver and the mining stocks still have tremendous YTD gains despite the highly manipulated take-down that has been orchestrated since early Wednesday morning.  The smash has been executed entirely in the paper derivatives in London and NYC.   De rigeur for the Central Banks.

Eric Dubin discusses why we’ve probably seen the last of the downward manipulative pressure on gold and silver:  Gold and Silver Decline Is Fading, Dow Rolling Over  and Rory Hall published an article on Trump that accompanies the precious metals analysis and our Shadow of Truth episode to be released later today:  The Trump Trojan Horse

I moved checking account cash into my Bitgold account on Saturday, Sunday evening and this morning.  I shorted Capital One at the open today and added to my First Majestic calls. At least I put my money where my mouth is, unlike most of the alternative fear porn promoters…

One thought on “Gold & Silver: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

  1. It is quite an unusual situation in this world of orchestrated politicians that we now have this uncertainty. I saw a quote from I think some executive from Citi bank saying they were completely clueless as to what Trumps policies will be. Maybe he hasn’t been paying attention, or perhaps he doesn’t believe him.

    Trump has said he wants to have major inferstructure projects, plus rebuilding the US military & cutting taxes. Will they have to raise the debt ceiling in congress to achieve these goals? Looks like rising inflation, and as the doc and Alasdair McCloud have been warning about Stagflation. Can they really raise interest rates with all this debt?
    Maybe the elites are quite ready to collapse the whole thing and blame it on Trump, and BREXIT, and the rise of nationalism.

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