Guest Post: Clinton Foundation & Crooked Hillary in More Trouble

IRD Note:   I am not a Trump supporter or advocate.  In fact, once again I’ll maintain my streak of not voting in any election of any kind since the 1992 election.  Your vote does not matter other than it perpetuates a completely corrupted political system that no longer bears any characteristics of having even been a Constitutional democracy.

Having said that, I feel strongly that Hillary Clinton needs to be stopped if at all possible. The depths of her corruption, immorality and depravity know no bounds.  Perhaps the most mind-blowing aspect to Clinton’s campaign is the willingness of her supporters to ignore and all evidence or documentation which details her criminality.   It just does not matter to them.   It’s really a modified form of Stockholm Syndrome that has engulfed half the population of the U.S., metaphorically held prisoner by a system they refuse to believe is not the system they were brainwashed to believe in by the school system.

Here’s one of Wall St For Main Street’s best interviews to date (besides the ones with me, lol) and it aptly markets the 2 million viewer mark for Jason’s site:

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: Clinton Foundation & Crooked Hillary in More Trouble

  1. ” In fact, once again I’ll maintain my streak of not voting in any election of any kind since the 1992 election. Your vote does not matter other than it perpetuates a completely corrupted political system that no longer bears any characteristics of having even been a Constitutional democracy.”

    With all due respect, once again:
    If vote(s) did not matter, Corporations (which cannot vote) would not be spending $Billions to influence the outcome in the General Election, much less spending $Billions to lobby (bribe) Congressmen to influence their vote on particular Bills which benefit the Corporate Criminals at the expense of Citizens.

    That is just plain Commonsense 101
    So is the saying that when those who merely vote for a living, outnumber those who have to work for a living, disaster and hell soon approaches.

    Any U.S. Citizen who does not Vote, has no one but his or her Self to blame when this Clusterf**k continues to worsen.

    Trump may not be a saint, be he certainly is not an Establishment Crony, which is why the Establishment in both Democrat & Republican Parties are throwing their support behind Hillary Clinton.

    & BTW, it’s still a Constitutional ‘Republic’ (what is left of it anyhow) which is why the Pledge of Allegiance refers “to the Republic by which it stands” and not to the “democracy”, and as Benjamin Franklin stated, when asked what type of government the U.S. was, “A Republic, IF you can keep it.”, ergo Rule of Law as opposed to merely Rule of the Majority (Mob Rule) “Democracy”.

    Those who study U.S. History will recognize that it was Woodrow Wilson who started with that “Democracy” propaganda AFTER he signed the Phederal Reserve Act, allowing the Banksters to Ponzi/Leverage & Counterfeit FRN Currency whereby the Banksters could buy Votes, influence Elections, start Wars, and “Make the World Safe for Democracy”, all with their phony fiat IOU Debt Note Currency.


    1. OK, I can see your point, but only up to a point. The corporation heads KNOW that they must help to keep the charade going with the general “elections”, because if people woke up to the fact that they are all a scam and a sham, then there would not be any more politicians in office to bribe, they’d either be standing in a soup line somewhere, or hanging from a rope!
      When a politician votes for or against something, it is in order to further line their own pockets and stay in office.
      The Founding Fathers totally screwed up by setting up a political system and its processes to staff the government jobs, instead of using a merit based system. Just like any other place that you seek a job, you should firstly PROVE beyond all doubt that you can perform the duties of that job before you get it. Not so with rigged up popularity contests we call elections.

  2. The mainstreet media has gone completely looney…here in OZ they have unseated 3 sitting prime ministers& working on 4th seriously something has to happen on a regulatory front. Otherwise just let the news papers pick the new president & save all that money wasted on elections the Trump hysteria from the squeeling down trodden upperclass and apparatchiks is relentless even here in Australia…a class action against media and their overreaching owners (the banks) has to happen. They are destroying the concept of representational government completely.

  3. I’m with Dave. The only person I intend to vote for is the same person I’ve been voting for each and every day of my life, that person being myself. I am not a dog, a child, a moron or a slave who desperately needs a master to tell me how best I should live my life (to hell with that and to hell with the religious and political parasites who disagree with my stance) . I’ll conduct my life as I see fit and if I fall flat on my ass because of my own poor choices, so be it.

    “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself”. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

  4. Dave,
    As much as I applaud your piece above, I would criticize you for characterizing the ‘slavish’ uncritical adoration of HRC as ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ as it diminishes that term which was coined to describe something very real – the understandable ‘idealization’ of an abused person held captive by an abuser. What HRC ‘fans’ suffer from is ignorance, a very low level of education and understanding of the world which they project onto all others aorund them, filtered via the ‘information’ the receive from their television sets. There is no personal abuse (verbal, emotional, physical) involved here, merely the application by a political party and its agents of modern propaganda (i.e. ‘brain-washing’).

    What someone who is actually suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ feels is very real as, for instance, they may be under constant threat of violent assault or death leading them, in desperation, to ‘love’ (idealalize) the abuser in order to stop the violence. It is not the same thing at all and, in my opinion, it demeans all who suffer or have suffered at the hands of violent perpetrators.

    I suggest you read up on Stockholm Syndrome and refrain from using the term to describe the poor misguided people who rely on television and social media for their news and ‘opinions’ and support corrupt political parties and their candidates for high office on the basis of those ‘manipulated’ opinions.


  5. If a good number of people vote for a third party candidate in this election instead of abstaining, it might sow the seed for an end to the 2 party crapocracy that passes itself off as democracy in this country.

  6. On second thought, and if I had just downed a shot or two of good whiskey, I might be inclined to hold my nose and vote Trump if only because I detest (with a passion) that witch Hillary.

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