Guest Post: Human Derivatives and Gold

The Oligarchs’ Plan to Monetize Humanity – Stewart Dougherty

The greed-diseased and power-obsessed Deep State oligarchs hate you for your freedom and love you for your money, and they are accelerating their plans to strip you of both. There are two things standing in their way: cash, and precious metals. The oligarchs are doing everything in their power to falsely discredit both of them in the eyes of the people. Cash and precious metals are physical manifestations of financial and human liberty. Liberty, which is indivisible, is the absolute last thing the oligarchs have in mind for us, as there is no profit in it for them. The oligarchs realize that the people are fast waking up to what is being done to them. While the Oligarchy remains an unimaginably dangerous enemy, it was wounded in the United States presidential election, is acting more erratically and illogically, and is starting to make serious mistakes. How we, the people, push forward from here will determine whether we remain free, or become slaves to the greatest Force of Evil ever known to mankind, the Deep State oligarchs.

While the above themes are not new to Inferential Analytics, the accurate and reliable forecasting method we have developed and use, the intensity with which the Deep State is pursuing its “dual mandate” of expropriating private wealth and enslaving the people by deliberately impoverishing them is absolutely unprecedented. If the people lose the war that the Deep State has declared against them, their futures and those of their descendants will be destroyed. The people must not and need not lose this war. In fact, the people can defeat the Deep State by using simple tools and common sense. The problem is that the people do not realize they have the power to take down the Oligarchy, so we all must work to open their eyes and show them the force of nature they truly are. That is our mission in this article, and the ones to follow.

The post-election orgy of precious metals price destruction is an open letter from the Deep State oligarchs that they couldn’t care less about the people’s desire for fundamental change, something the people shouted from the rooftops with their votes. The oligarchs have announced that there will be no change in policy or operating procedures; it is full steam ahead for them, because they know they can loot society of trillions more dollars if they can successfully implement their plans, which are well underway and inimical to the people in the extreme.

Money that flows into physical precious metals means less money in banks for the Deep State oligarchs to loot. In 2011, as gold surged to $1900 and silver to $50 per ounce, the oligarchs saw the real potential of a buying stampede breaking out among the people, which would have resulted in even greater bank withdrawals. They were simply not going to allow that to happen. Plans to gain control of the people’s money were in the formative stages, and could not be activated at that time. Not having the means to restrict the flow of money into precious metals, they decided instead to crush prices by market manipulation, both to financially punish those who had bought into the gathering stampede, and to scare away prospective buyers. The Deep State is now on the threshold of being able to implement its asset control agenda, and is certainly not going to lose bank deposits to precious metals when they are so close to their objective. Therefore, they have ratcheted up their illegal price manipulation activities to record intensity.

Post-election, the Deep State oligarchs have made it clear that they are going to continue to ram down the throats of the people the self-serving crony communist agenda they have been pursuing for the past twenty years, and particularly during the past eight, when they have had an energized communist organizer in place. If this means that they must hire phony activists on Craig’s List for $12.00 per hour and bus them around the country from one pre-arranged “demonstration” site to another, this is what they will do, as we can see. This is a small price to pay for the power and money prizes they have plotted to win.

The most profitable financial instruments ever created by the oligarchy are derivatives. These synthetic devices, designed for hedging, risk management and speculation by market players, and structured to generate guaranteed profits for the oligarchs who invent, issue and control them, include futures, options, forwards and swaps, and are a Deep State money machine.

Derivatives are layered on top of what are known as “underlying” assets, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, government debt, and securitized debt and mortgages.

We believe that the oligarchs are creating a new class of financial derivatives that could produce the largest transfer of wealth in history, from the people to them.

We call them “Human Derivatives,” or “HDs.” The “underlying” asset in HDs is humanity itself; specifically, the personal wealth and future wealth-creation potential of human beings, in addition to rich, deeply personal, tradeable and exploitable information about them. With HDs, the Oligarchy intends to monetize humanity. By positioning themselves as the “House,” and giving themselves proprietary fee-setting, settlement, arbitrage and inside trading powers over HDs and bank deposits, the oligarchs intend to create a monopolized toll booth through which most monetary assets must pass. This will enable them to siphon off trillions of dollars of existing and future financial wealth from “underlying” human beings. The oligarchs plan to turn humanity into a financial asset over which they have control.

Human Derivatives will not just leverage people’s underlying financial assets, but much more important, deep personal insight into who they are, what they buy, how they behave, their medical well-being, their relationships and social networks, their susceptibility to messaging and advertising, and their overall economic “value.” This information will be codified, scored and quantified, and then converted into indexes made tradeable by HDs. The tradeable financial digitalization of the people will be worth a fortune to the Deep State “House.”

The oligarchs face a critical prerequisite to the optimization of Human Derivatives: the elimination of cash. By removing cash from the system, the oligarchs will obtain full visibility into and control over the people’s monetary transactions, which is required to maximize HD profits.

While numerous “motherhood” justifications for the elimination of cash are enunciated by the Deep State shills who are promoting it, such as fighting terrorism, crime and drug trafficking, these are misdirections and lies. The real purpose for the elimination of cash is simple: to give the Oligarchy full-spectrum control over monetary assets. The fact that Larry Summers is one of the main proselytizers for cash elimination is all that you need to know; he is a longstanding Establishment spokesperson and enabler.

Influential, non-banker elitists are now joining the battle. For example, on October 27, 2016, while speaking to reporters, Apple Computer CEO Tim Cook triumphantly stated, “We are going to kill cash.” By “we,” he does not mean Apple, which has no means by which solely to murder cash, but the Deep State elite, of which he is a peripheral member. The elimination of cash will be a boon to Apple Pay, which collects a 0.15% commission on all transactions, an amount that is guaranteed to increase by multiples and passed on to consumers in the form of price inflation once digital payments are non-optional and monopolized.

On November 8, 2016, the Indian government announced the most brazen cash reset and windfall tax generation scheme ever hatched. At 8 PM, after the banks had closed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a surprise proclamation that as of 11:59 PM that same evening, all 500 and 1,000 rupees currency notes would be demonetized, stripped of “Legal Tender” status, and “extinguished.” In his words, “currency notes of rupees 500 and rupees 1,000 will be just paper with no value.” Rupees 500 and 1,000 notes are worth roughly $7.50 and $15.00, respectively, and they constitute 85% of India’s total currency supply. With no advance warning, Indian citizens were given 4 hours to spend 85% of India’s total money supply, or endure a massively time-consuming currency conversion ordeal.

In the few hours remaining that night, the stores were flooded with citizens trying to dump their 500 and 1,000 rupees notes. Gold spiked to the equivalent of $2,300 per ounce, before completely selling out at dealer locations, as people were willing to spend pretty much anything to get a real asset like gold in exchange for “just paper with no value.”

The government gave those unable to offload their 500 and 1,000 rupees notes during the four hour window the option of depositing them into their bank accounts (assuming they have them) until December 30, 2016. But to do that, the depositor must fill out an affidavit, explaining where the money came from. If the authorities determine that the depositor has not satisfactorily accounted for the funds, then an income tax and fines will be imposed on the depositor, or the currency will simply be seized.

The government also gave the people the ability to physically exchange at banks their rupees 500 and 1,000 notes for new currency, but only until November 24, 2016 (a period of 14 days), and only at a rate of 4,000 rupees (roughly $60.00) per day. If a person is willing to stand in a bank line for hours a day, for 14 days straight, they will be able to exchange a grand total of 56,000 rupees, or roughly $840.00.

Modi stated that the extraordinary action was taken to curb “counterfeiting,” “corruption,” “terrorism,” “black money,” and the “black economy,” the usual excuses for tyranny, but never explained how, which is typical of these Deep State gambits. While making his announcement, Modi stated: “Experience tells us that ordinary citizens are always ready to make sacrifices and face difficulties for the benefit of the nation.” As we can see, the citizens’ willing acceptance of surprise currency resets is being positioned by the Deep State as a matter of patriotism and duty.

India’s gun control laws are among the strictest in the world, and have been tightened even further by Modi since he came into office in 2014. The people are also trained from a young age to be compliant and polite. It is no wonder why India was chosen as the test site for Deep State’s first surprise, national currency reset.

Almost exactly one year ago, it was the same Modi who announced an Indian “paper gold” scheme. The Indian people were asked to turn in to their bank their physical gold, in exchange for a paper “note” that would provide 2.25 – 2.75% interest per annum on the gold’s value at the time of submission. The “investor” would not be able to get their gold back for at least 5 years. By then, of course, it would be long gone. Indian inflation is consistently above the offered interest rate. The Deep State’s scheme, promoted by their puppet Modi, flopped because the people, who are never nearly as stupid as the elitists think, saw right through it.

There are an estimated 20,000 tonnes of gold in the private hands of the Indian people, and the bullion banks wanted it for their own profit-making purposes, not the least of which was to cover their enormous naked short positions.

We believe the Indian currency reset is a test, foisted upon a compliant, disarmed people to gauge their reaction. The real drama is yet to come, and will occur throughout the West. If the oligarchs cannot trick the people into accepting the elimination of cash, then they will do the next best thing: a for-profit currency reset that nets a windfall. Most likely, they will do both, in succession: a currency reset, netting a windfall, followed by the elimination of cash, netting a second, much larger windfall.

Several prominent commentators have recommended holding cash as a financial defense mechanism. But none of them has warned of the possibility of a currency cancellation, such as the one that just occurred in India. This demonstrates how entropic, unpredictable and dangerous the current financial environment has become. We urge readers to stay highly informed via the Alternative Media, the only place where you can find the truth. Developments are happening fast, and you could get blindsided if you are inattentive and drop your guard.

All of the above begs the question: how can we financially defend ourselves from the Establishment controllers who are coming for our money and our freedom?

Even though precious metals prices are being deliberately crushed at this time, for the reasons outlined above, we view them as the best, and in certain cases, only defense against Deep State exploitation and expropriation. Gold and silver are financial Freedom Fighters, uniquely capable of protecting people from oppression. Throughout history, as people have fled persecution and sought liberty, gold has been their salvation. For millions over millennia, freedom has only been payable in gold. Precious metals provide the best escape from the Deep State’s coming financial command and control matrix, and are the only assets that cannot be canceled, demonetized or extinguished by government decree and whim. Even assets traditionally viewed as being safe, such as productive farm land, can be taxed into oblivion by a government gone rogue. It has happened in the past, and will certainly happen in the future. One cannot hide farm land, or stitch it into one’s coat.

Some people express the concern that governments will prohibit the ownership of precious metals, particularly gold, when things unhinge. We would respond by saying that if it ever comes to that, you will know, for a fact, it is game over. By issuing such an order, the Deep State would make it absolutely categorical that they intend to impoverish and enslave you. While many people might surrender to that kind of totalitarianism, hundreds of millions to billions of people worldwide will not.

Governments can create currency, but only God can create gold, and He is not in the Deep State’s back pocket. No government has the moral authority or practical ability to extinguish the value of the gold made by God. The gold and silver markets have been healthy, consensual and vibrant for more than 5,000 years, and that will never change as long as human beings still walk this earth and breathe the air. Government made currencies have catastrophically failed every single time they have been created. That, too, will never change. Soon, the exchange value of metals will be determined by people, trading one to one, and not by Deep State manipulators and criminals who now set phony prices in rigged markets that they control. You will only be able to enjoy gold and silver’s many virtues if you own them. As millions upon millions of people wake up, see monetary truth and buy, it will become harder to acquire metals at anywhere near current prices, in our view. This is not investment advice (we are not investment advisors and urge you to do your own research and make your own decisions), this is common sense. We believe your opportunities for action are diminishing, because you are battling deteriorating fiscal, economic and monetary circumstances, not to mention time.

Stewart Dougherty
November 13, 2016

Stewart Dougherty is the developer of a privately-held, principles-based forecasting methodology named Inferential Analytics. The unique IA model assesses monetary, fiscal, financial, market, social, political, empirical and anecdotal factors to get a glimpse of tomorrow, today. He has 35 years of management, corporate strategy and business development experience. He is a graduate of Tufts University (MA) and Harvard Business School (MBA).

17 thoughts on “Guest Post: Human Derivatives and Gold

  1. I am feeling utterly gutted with the action in metals over the past few days. I was under the impression that the deep state would use Trump as the strawman to knock down the markets. But now, I am wondering if they really need to.
    The markets have “gentrified” themselves from ground reality and seem to have mutated into a beast that only knows how to go up. When markets are up, it keeps up the false reality of a stable economy and the populace will keep hoping that very soon, some crumbs will be thrown at them by the elites.
    Meanwhile, savers and retirees continue to bleed with zero interest rates, renters get fleeced with exorbitant rents, and health insurance payments continue to cost an arm and a leg. For the elites all this is working wonderfully – an enslaved, defeated population turning up to work day after day because they don’t have a choice. So why change anything? All the elites need to do to continue the charade is to destroy gold. And that is what they are doing.

    1. Matt: I agree with you. By any metric a person wants to use, from global money supply, to global debt, to cost of living (very well expressed in your message), to current and projected fiscal deficits, and on and on, the price of gold is absurd. It’s not even a price any longer, just an idiotic lie. But keep the faith. Their greed, which is a mental disease, is taking them under. They are getting sloppy and starting to make big mistakes. We see it in the data. They cannot keep this going, unless we the people let them. The fact is, we the people MUST change our approach. This market manipulation has been going on for more than 35 years. Anyone or any entity that does something for 35 years is going to get very good at it. These felons have become excellent at market rigging. They know 10,000 times more about it than we the people, so they keep slaughtering us with their expertise. If we the people keep doing nothing, and instead just continue to take it, then nothing will change. The things we can do to change, and turn the tide is now my mission to communicate. I am going to get very specific in future articles about what we the people need to do. Again, if we do nothing, this criminality and looting is never going to stop. Not ever. Again, keep the faith. There are things we can do. At the same time they are becoming addled by greed, and therefore, stupid and self-destructive. Best regards, Stewart

  2. At one time it was preached as gospel by some metals pumpers/doomers that the equity markets are destined to crash and that intetest rates could NEVER go up and that another massve QE was just days, weeks, months away.
    The big event is ALWAYS just around the corning in the coming days, weeks etc.
    The litany of things that were predicted by some turned out to be a bunch of incessant B.S. that some of the well-known pumpers made up as they went along that fed the crowd a clear trend that they wanted to hear. The pumpers engage in a bandwagon type of analysis meant to keep perma-bullish hopes high.
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the metals have been tied to the hip of the USD and oil and any or all other lame excuses being offered up as a means to stay relevant and try to project a sense of expertise.
    An expert would’ve advised selling near $1900/$50 for the metals and especially so IF they were convinced that blatant unstoppable manipulation by huge monied entities were determined to crush the price.
    An idiot or paid shill wouldn’t or couldn’t even conceive of advising or actually selling any metal even if a blinding sell signal or bear market was underway.
    But that would’ve been the wise and profitable play to make.
    Who can credibly deny that?
    I suppose some folks relish in doom and constantly blatant pumping…like Bill Holter or Sinclair…despite getting it wrong over and over again.
    But reading Bill Holter’s recent paranoid/doomer rant that never came close to happening before the election was pathetic par for the course for thosr folks who have a vested interest in trying to pump and sell gold/silver no matter what…even in a multi-years long bear market that most everyone recognizes. I suppose the same folks who believe in everything that Maguire, Holter, Sinclair, Sprott etc. espouse and pump are somewhat incapable of unemotionally detached reactions and advice when the sky is always falling in their world.
    Because to listen or read some folks thoughts on the inanimate object that gold/silver etc. is you would think they were talking about some magical, larger than life sustaining Holy Grail that no one should be without…just in case everything collapses. Pure doomerville outlook that takes no other outcome into account.
    In the end the reality was…the USD NEVER came close to crashing, nor the UST bond market, nor did the so-called petrodollar, gold and silver are obviously not in short supply, JPM wasn’t even close to a short squeeze event, China isn’t the gold savior that some had hoped and hyped, nor is the SDR, China is JUST GETTING STARTED in their paper gold/silver derivative and futures markets (just like London/NY), the stock market didn’t completely crash thus causing some weirdly fantasized “reset”, interest rates are rising and the complete and hoped for crash and burn of Deutche Bank DIDN’T happen and the long, silly prophesized list of reasons to buy gold/silver 24/7 could go on and on etc.
    The truth is no one really knows why or whats going to happen but some will try real hard to appear that they do no matter what anyone else is saying that might conflict with their myopic one-way street perma-bullish outlook.
    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    1. Hello 9lbHammer: Thanks for your deep, powerful message, which I respect. You are correct, a lot of the bullish metals commentary over the past several years has been dead wrong. And you are also profoundly correct in saying that “no one really knows why or what’s going to happen … ” That is totally true. Any forecaster who is not humble, and who does not admit that he is totally fallible is a fool. But it’s still okay for a person to try to connect the dots, and foresee what’s coming. Human beings have been doing this since the beginning of humanity. I thought the most fascinating part of your message was the concluding quotation (though I’m not sure if it’s your quote, or someone else’s … no matter, it’s quite interesting). By including it, I think you are saying that those who have been bullish on metals during this horrible, extended, phony, manipulated bear market are the bamboozlers. I guess my question for you is this: what if it’s everything else that has been the bamboozle? What if it’s the Dow Jones average, dollar index, interest rates, CPI, BLS employment report, trade statistics, perpetual wars for perpetual peace, and all the other rot forced into our brains 60 seconds of every minute of every hour of every day that’s the real bamboozle??? And what if it’s this endless litany of propaganda, lies and bamboozles that we now “tend to reject any evidence of …”? What if it is, in fact, the TRUTH that we “tend to reject any evidence of?” To me, people have been lulled into the greatest “normalcy bias” bubble in all of history, and when that bubble bursts, they are going to be so shell shocked they won’t be able to tie their shoes or mumble their names. I am not trying to defend the metals pundits. I have followed most of them for years, and some of them have an absolutely unblemished record of error. They might be fun to read, but they are always wrong. You are correct about that. Others have been reliable and good advisors. The point is this: if a person dispassionately examines the monetary, fiscal and economic numbers (not even spending one second of time on today’s social and geopolitical factors, which are probably a lot more important than the numbers), there is no way a person can conclude that our situation is sound or sustainable. There is no arithmetic way to reach such a conclusion. I’m not talking algebra or trigonometry or particle physics … I’m talking 2 + 2 = 4 arithmetic. Has this corrupt, dysfunctional, dishonest situation prevailed longer than even geniuses like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thought it could? Yes. But does that mean all is miraculously well because it has? Absolutely not, at least in my view. In conclusion, I guess I’d suggest that you hang in there a little longer. The frustration and irritation understandably conveyed in your message (anyone who has been in the metals market in any capacity is completely sick and tired of what’s been going on, and perhaps you have invested in metals and become disgusted by what you’ve been through) reminds me of the saying, “It’s darkest before the dawn.” I think all of us who are now at Peak Irritation are about to be rewarded for our patience, and our honest convictions. All the best to you, Stewart

  3. Terrifying!

    Very worring that so far the Indian population seem to be falling for this. Modi is a real piece of work. His election was quite unexpected at the time, and he ran on a lot of Hindu nationalism. There is a virtual media blackout on what is going on regards the elimination of cash. Most young people are so used to plastic and on line shopping that they don’t understand what money is, and the consequences of it being digitalised. They don’t seem bothered about privacy either. When they get hit with numerous charges, and negative interest rates perhaps they will wake up. Too late by then.

    Modi set this up when all eyes where on the US election. Iam guessing that they thought Clinton was going to win. What else was being planned? The notion that Tim Cook of Apple should be deciding if society should have cash or not just shows how messed up everything is.

    1. Mark: Great comment. Here’s what’s totally mind-blowing about what Modi did. He didn’t eliminate cash. He cancelled / “extinguished” all 500 and 1,000 rupees notes, with only 4 hours notice. These notes represent 85% of the total Indian currency supply. He then said that these notes can be deposited into bank accounts, but only with an affidavit stating where the money came from. If the government doesn’t like the explanation of where the money came from, then they tax the money as income, and add on some fines. So what they’re doing is FLUSHING OUT their entire money supply. Then, the government announced that it is issuing brand new 500 and 2000 rupees currency notes, with better security features. So people can still get cash, but only after all the existing cash has been cancelled. They are also forcing all the existing cash into the banks. Perhaps a bail in is coming. If they are going to bail in the people’s money, they want to have all of it to bail in. They certainly don’t want the people to end up with any of it. The whole thing is absolutely bizarre, and the deeper you get into the weeds, you realize it’s nothing but a huge scam. As to your comment about Tim Cook exulting that “we’re going to kill cash,” Amen. Tim Cook self-appointing himself our Cash Czar is beyond insane. Who the hell named him King? The way money and influence go to these people’s heads is repulsive. Best regards, Stewart

  4. And regarding the news from India – I too felt that India is being used as ground zero by Modi’s puppet masters to try out their cash expropriation schemes. India is a very corrupt country – corruption is the backbone of the country, in fact. You need a birth certificate from the town you were born in? You need to pay a bribe. You are a small business owner? You have to cough up a bribe to get started and then pay monthly bribes in-order to survive. With the current change, how are small business owners going to make bribe payments every month? Will the corrupt officials accept check payments for bribes? I find the anti corruption rhetoric very unconvincing.

    1. Matt: You’re right. Please scroll up and see my response to Mark regarding the Indian currency reset. It’s a huge Establishment scam, nothing more. It’s a shame the Indian people are so polite and compliant. Check out the inconvenience those poor people have endured. Multi-hour waits in line, to convert their money, if they’re even able to. Modi is a bankster puppet and liar … has been from Day 1. His “paper gold” scheme was even more corrupt than the currency reset. Cheers, Stewart

      1. Stewart,

        It’s not surprising they’re using India as their monetary experimental playground. I agree with your sentiment of their population being polite, which is really a deeply entrenched class structure system that should sicken any rational 21st century observer. This is a country that still separates by class determined by spiritual mystery. They sit in squalor and accept it as they have been told they have inherited their station based on the merits of their previous lives lived. It is one of the greatest scams ever employed by the elite within a society, which is why the British were so enamored with it. I find Indian society repugnant as the suffering of the poor does not seem to bother them, while animals are allowed to roam their city streets and are treated as supreme beings.

        I guarantee anything similar attempted in the US would bring riots to the streets and capital buildings, where banks and politicians would be immediate targets. This can only come to the US if there is an extreme event, one that will provide them with cover a la The Patriot Act. We must be watchful for this event and provide as many people with protection so that they can react in a way this centered in personal liberty and peace.

        Thank you for an excellent article and perspective – keep up the good work.

        1. Justin: You are 100% correct about India. No wonder they did it there. Now, lots more information is pouring out of the country, about the adverse effects. The Establishment couldn’t care less. They just want the people’s money. It is so obvious. Separately, please don’t overestimate your countrymen. They are unlikely to show up at the rebellion. They are so dumbed down and emasculated that they have no idea what is happening to them. The most important thing is to enlighten and educate the Producers. They are the only ones left with any money. If they mobilize their money, we have a slim chance. I’ll have more to say about this in future articles. Thanks for your excellent comments. Stewart

  5. Trump’s presidency has thrown a monkey wrench into the alternative prognosticators formulas. Everything is out the window now. Who knows where this is headed.

    I’m still OK with a majority of assets in Au and Ag.

    So you think you’d rather play the stock market? Or maybe keep a shitload of cash in the bank/under the mattress? Wanna buy some real estate? Flip some houses?

    Whaddya gonna do? Give up on the age old safe value storage in PM because the deep state still has the system by the balls?

    This is more testing of the basic premise in holding PM. If you’ve got too much in PM and should have held currency, well then maybe you have a problem. If not, you’re not sweating this. This is the long game…patience is a virtue.

  6. To all those that propose and try to implement a cashless society…may the fruits of their labor earn tham a ‘bouquet of lead’… it will be the final straw….imho

    1. Dan: The “final straw” … no question about it. If they try to pull this off, anyone who cannot figure out what it means is not just an embarrassment to themselves, but to humanity. We need to wake up people right away. This is not a drill. This is the worst existential threat to human liberty that we have ever seen, but no one can see it. It is now my mission to help people see what is happening, and yours, too, I hope. Best regards, Stewart

  7. Precious metals are still a great insurance policy – gold, silver, and the most important – lead. Stock market is a fraud, bonds are overvalued, RE is a joke in most areas. Investment, like life, takes patience – no one ever said it was going to be easy, except for liberal college professors apparently, judging by their students acting like headless chickens.

    I was in Japan just over a year ago and it struck me how weak and sheep like the people were there. They havent had to deal with ghettos filled with predators trying to hurt and kill them like we have. As a result theyre weak and unprepared to deal with the ever present dark aspects of humanity. Out in the countryside they’d be fine though, tougher and more self reliant.

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