Guest Post: MP Jo Cox Killed By “Useful Idiot?”

The term “useful idiot” in an intelligence craft context refers to a person inspired by way of various means to perform an action, and more often than not, the person is compromised by mental illness or sub-par intelligence – hence the term. Was MP Jo Cox murdered by a “useful idiot” as part of a covert action? It’s too early to say, definitively. But the timing of this attack is very fishy.

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7 thoughts on “Guest Post: MP Jo Cox Killed By “Useful Idiot?”

  1. A point which I haven’t yet seen discussed anywhere yet:

    She seems to have been sacrificed immediately after the end of Bilderberg 2016, which focused heavily on BrExit; the timing couldn’t have been more coincidental.

  2. But… but… but, I thought that the Brits all had their nuts cut off, er I mean guns taken away from them, so how did this guy get hold of a gun?? Did someone give it to him for this job, was it one that he had before and failed to turn in? How long has he had it?


  3. If not the most useful idiot in history, certainly the most timely, considering how much trouble these scum are facing in their desperation to keep in power (BREXIT) and their financial system afloat (Gold warning signal flashing bright with $1300 breached decisively). If next week’s vote is rigged they can always say, “people reassessed after last week’s incident”

  4. Well…. the politicians can’t resist making capital out of this!

    Cameron has told us we must seek out and stop division and hatred (a not so subtle hint at Remain).

    The assailant is obviously mentally ill. The fact that he had searched out far right groups is not material. His mental illness is.

    If heard the voice of Jesus telling him to kill would the cops be perusing that line of enquiry?!!!


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