Guest Post: They Need To Destroy Gold/Silver To Destroy Our Freedom

The past two days of ongoing metals oppression convinced me to write. This continuing government-conducted fraud and corruption is really getting irritating, and it tells an ominous tale.

Is it any wonder that we witness endless versions of “Extend and Pretend”? That we witness endless strangulation of the truth, such as is represented by free metals prices? That the nation is drowning in propaganda and lies so thick they could double the mass of our oceans?

They are going to keep this fraud going as long as they can, because every single day represents $2,800,000,000.00 in looted profits. The Middle Class has no idea what has been done to it. This is what has been done to it.

I believe that Yellen went to the White House to inform Obama and team that the Fed is witnessing a quiet, steady bank run taking place in the U.S. The Fed is worried about the fact that the people are apparently starting to figure out how totally corrupt the monetary and financial systems have become, and are now taking action to financially protect themselves.

The Fed is seeing bank balances being exchanged for cash and metals. Trotting out Summers and Draghi to demonize cash ($100s and Euro 500s) backfired; savvy people said to themselves, “If the government, banker shills (e.g., Summers; Peter Sands (author of the Harvard “ban cash” paper; etc.) and bankers are saying “A,” the truth must be “Z,” and we better get some of our money out of the banks, before the bail-ins that have been legalized and formalized are actually implemented.”

The establishment desperately needs to go to a cashless system, in order to effect the bail-in agenda, gain full-spectrum control over financial assets, and implement the IMF-proposed wealth tax, among other gambits, but they need more time to implement this. They must get non-cash payment devices into the hands of every citizen before going live with the cashless regime, but they are not there yet. However, their progress to date has been prodigious.

For example, most welfare benefits (e.g., Food Stamps, etc.) are now electronic, via EBT cards. And Social Security recipients must have bank accounts for direct deposits (to which a Debit Card can be appended); if they don’t, then receive their benefits via a “Treasury Direct” Master Card debit card. In just these two above categories, more than 110,000,000 people now have electronic payment cards. Add to this at least another 160,000,000 “banked” citizens, and as we can see, they are moving swiftly toward the goal of universal electronic payment capability among the populace. The infrastructure is largely in place, and progress from here will accelerate.

The day after the Yellen/Obama/Biden meeting, metals were slammed. Yes, this happens on a regular basis, but the timing was interesting nonetheless.

As we all know, over the past several days there has been a spate of stories about how counterfeit precious metals coins are “flooding the market.” These stories admonish citizens not to “waste their money” on “worthless” counterfeit coins, and make it sound as if the average citizen could never in a million years figure out how to distinguish a counterfeit coin from a genuine one. Message: Precious metals are extremely dangerous and you should keep your money in the bank, where it is safe.

Given that the vast preponderance of American citizens have never even touched a gold coin, let alone owned one, the propagandists are feeding on ignorance and naivete. It is easy to scare people away from something they know nothing about, and fear might hurt them. Just look at the Mark Dice video where he offers poor, clueless, “Everyman” citizens a choice between a free chocolate bar or a free 10 ounce silver bar: they literally recoil from the silver, as if it might attack them.

This kind of propaganda is just one part of the overall campaign to demonize metals and attempt to counteract the slow bleed of money out of the banks. We know for a fact that physical metals sales are at all time highs, both here and internationally. Bank cash withdrawal data is much harder for “outsiders” to obtain, but the banks, the Fed and the Treasury see this information instantaneously. Cash withdrawal data are the absolute last thing banks want people to have visibility into, because bank runs are, first and foremost, psychological phenomena.

Aware citizens have seen numerous news stories by now about bail-ins, and have also registered what the Cypriots and Greeks have endured. No rational person wants that kind of theft to occur to them, so the obvious human reaction is to go get some money from one’s bank account … particularly given that one’s funds now earn nothing sitting in the bank and given that the law is now crystal clear that depositors are subordinated creditors who will be the last people in line to see their own money, if any of it still exists after the banks are done helping themselves to it during a bail-in event.

Some people might object by saying, “The average person has no idea about bank bail ins,” but we’re not talking about the average person. The statistics are clear that the average person doesn’t have any money any longer, so they won’t care about something that bears no relationship to them, such as bail-ins. Recent estimates are that 65% of the people don’t have a spare $1,000 at this time. What we are talking about are the people who do have some money, and such people are likely to be aware of and sensitive to what is happening with bail-in legislation, Greece, Cyprus, Wall Street corruption, the theft of their savings, and the like. They weren’t able to save money by being financially stupid.

I could give you many more data points, but they all tell the same story. Money is on the move, out of the banks. The Fed and Treasury are extremely concerned about this, and are doing everything they can to stem the tide. They fully intend to expropriate a portion of this money, just to keep the government’s lights burning (the IMF Wealth Tax is not some theoretical notion; it is a plan), so they cannot allow it to get loose. The recent escalation in metals oppression is no surprise.

(By the way, I specialize in a research technique called Inferential Analytics. It is a very rigorous and accurate predictive technique that is based upon fundamental principles relating to Human Action, and something I have developed over many years. I use it in my private work, but someday might take it mainstream. The forecasts generated by Inferential Analytics at this time are beyond sobering, and that’s putting it mildly.)

One other thing: The Fed and Treasury have detailed visibility into funds flows (wires, checks, credit card transactions, etc.) to metals wholesalers (e.g., Apmex, CNT, and all the other Mint-authorized distributors), and downstream from there to the leading national retailers such as Monex, etc. (PM ads by such national retailers run all day long on media outlets like Fox. The retailers are clearly succeeding; if they were not, they would pull their ads. But we see the opposite: an increase in these ads). Additionally, the monetary authorities have direct visibility into eBay’s PM sales, which are significant. They are looking at these data and realizing there is a serious problem of money “disappearing” into metals, their worst nightmare, and into cash, their second worst nightmare.

It is likely that the anti-PM propaganda is going to intensify, and people will need to understand why it is happening in order to withstand and repel it. If there is no successful rebuttal of the propaganda, then the establishment will progressively poison the people’s minds about PMs, as a precursor to using some kind of pretext to prohibit its private ownership altogether, once again. So I do believe that this is an important matter, because we are looking at a full-scale effort to destroy one of the last and most fundamental bastions of freedom, financial freedom. If the people do not understand why metals are constantly demonized by the establishment, or the purpose of the ongoing price oppression, then they will fail to understand the importance of this battle, and how absolutely vital to their overall, and not just financial freedom the ability to own metals is to them.

Stewart Dougherty: I am a Harvard MBA, and Inferential Analytics leverages quantitative and qualitative techniques that I learned both in my education, and during a 30+ year business career. I am semi-retired, but have never worked harder in my life. About six years ago, I wrote several articles that were picked up by 24hgold, MarketOracle, Lew Rockwell, Goldseek and numerous other Internet publishers followed even by some magazines.

5 thoughts on “Guest Post: They Need To Destroy Gold/Silver To Destroy Our Freedom

  1. demonized for easy pickings…

    Goldman Sachs Financed Hillary Clinton’s Son-in-Law to Make Bullish Greek Bets After It Structured Unseemly Greek Debt Deals that Hobbled that Country

    On May 10, the New York Times gently dropped a bombshell on the hedge fund investing world of New York’s one-percenters. Hillary and Bill Clinton’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, who married their only child, Chelsea, in an opulent 2010 wedding, was shuttering the Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity Fund after it had lost 90 percent of its value. That is a staggering loss for a hedge fund, which is, as its name implies, supposed to have hedges in place to prevent that kind of loss.
    The fund with the steep losses is part of a larger hedge fund firm run by Mezvinsky and two former colleagues at Goldman Sachs, Bennett Grau and Mark Mallon. The idea that a hedge fund should wait until it had only 10 percent of its clients’ assets remaining before shutting down is causing angst in billionaire circles, as are many other details surrounding this hedge fund.

    According to a 2015 article in the Wall Street Journal, the same fund had already lost 48 percent in 2014 – raising the question as to why it wasn’t shuttered then, when clients could have gotten a sizeable amount of their principal returned.

    Grau’s former tenure at Goldman Sachs spans 30 years, from 1981 to 2011 – a period during which he worked with Goldman’s now Chairman and CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, who started his career in the same trading area as Grau, the J. Aron & Co. subsidiary that Goldman bought in 1981. Both Blankfein and Grau were considered experts in foreign exchange and currency trading, with Grau heading up the J. Aron Foreign Exchange Trading Group beginning in 1977.

    According to the account in the New York Times, the Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity Fund imploded as a result of bullish bets on Greek bank stocks and Greek government debt. That’s raising even more eyebrows in investment circles since it was Goldman Sachs who secretly sold a complex and convoluted derivative deal to Greece in 2001 that hid the true state of its debt, then reworked the deal multiple times until Greece ended up owing Goldman a stunning 5.1 billion euros, almost twice Greece’s original obligation, thus making future bullish bets on Greece highly doubtful. Along the way, Goldman Sachs learned more about Greek debt than just about any player on the planet.

    According to a Bloomberg News report, it was Blankfein’s division of Goldman Sachs that structured the derivatives deal with Greece. Our research shows Grau worked in that division at the time.
    The Securities and Exchange Commission actually lists two Eaglevale Hellenic funds, one onshore and one offshore. The address of the offshore fund is 89 Nexus Way, Camana Bay, Grand Cayman – a secrecy jurisdiction address frequently associated with Goldman Sachs’ offerings.

    We raise the plundering by the physical commodity empires of the Wall Street mega banks because Greece has an estimated $200 billion in mineral reserves, with concentrations of nickel, bauxite and gold, according to the Institute for Geology and Mineral Exploration.

    As the Greek debt crisis continues, the privatization of these resources will continue apace with Wall Street banks no doubt positioning themselves for the spoils.

  2. All is going according to “the script” on the basis that the government and the FED are helpless. They will continue to administer “the stick” in the face of any market apathy that refuses to monetize debt-free bullion and as such, come to the rescue of all.

    Conventional thinking would suggest that if bullion monetization is what the elite want, then they would implement this themselves. How ? They simply can’t. They reside in the apex of power for all to see on the basis of any official policy that would support the above, keeping in mind that gold and silver now trade with real-time pricing and any top-down attempt to introduce bullion as an addition form of liquidity could easily be met with an abrupt rush to the exits for debt markets in general.

    The introduction approach MUST be stealth, which is why the market has been chosen as the method of introduction for bullion based market currency with real-time pricing.

    We must be as wise as serpents, yet as gentle as doves.

  3. Good stuff. Now I’m wondering if the tungsten-filled gold bars were done by the US gov’t to undermine the PM bullion market to instill doubt in the quality of the bars?

  4. Yes, Yes the arbitrary attachment of debt to real assets’ (Tax du jour 1000’s) & the methodical destruction of the productive capacity (jobs) and a guaranteed transfer of the purchasing power of currency to the top of the food chain..pssst dont tell the plebs that tax for thousands of years have only ever served the purpose of keeping poor people…welll poor…they might stop voting for them…lol …pop “quiz” so during the housing crisis whos’ books ended up with 1000,s and 1000’s of liens to real property during the housing crisis?….no not Justin Biebers but close!

  5. the real question(s) is in 2014 why did investors not leave on their own with fund down 48%

    and the ancillary question is how many investors were Friends of Bill and Hillary as an accommodation. Not that they would twist an arm or leg for a financial money transfer.

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