Here Comes The Next Round Of Tyranny: The Vax’ers

“The unsustainable will not be sustained, except through ever-increasing force and fraud.” –   “Jesse,”  Jesse’s Cafe Americain

Here come the greed-head Vax’ers. We know after many decades that the flu vaccine has limited – if not unverifiable – efficacy.  But Big Pharma will use its corruption and political muscle in an attempt to force the public to accept a hastily devised COVID “vaccine” – one that will have had a negligible amount of testing and proof of efficacy. And judging by the number of zombie humans wearing masks wherever they go – including in their own car with the windows closed – many sheeple will gladly accept the “vaccine.”

“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla warned on Tuesday that people who don’t take the Covid-19 vaccine will become a ‘weak link’ that allows coronavirus to spread.” – CNBC

The commentary by Bourla is at best reprehensible.  More likely it’s the propaganda of  a sociopathic misanthrope motivated by extreme greed. The Big Pharma company that brings to market a Covid “vaccine” first, regardless of its efficacy or safety, will reap Wrath of God profits.  Most of it funded by the Taxpayers.

The U.S. has been gradually creeping toward Totalitarianism since 1913.  The process accelerated after 9/11, when the President and Congress systematically stripped away several of the Bill of Rights.  Obama codified the Detainee Bill, removing Habeus Corpus from the U.S. legal system.  Habeus Corpus is one of the pillars of Rule of Law.  He also enabled the Too Big To Fail Banks to take control of the entire financial regulatory bureaucracy, including the Justice Department.

Now it’s Big Pharma’s turn to feed at the trough.

Where this goes next is anyone’s guess.  But the path to Totalitarianism is unavoidable unless the public rallies and revolts.  Brace yourself because everything that has unfolded over the last 12 years is going to get a lot worse…

6 thoughts on “Here Comes The Next Round Of Tyranny: The Vax’ers

  1. “But the path to Totalitarianism is unavoidable unless the public rallies and revolts.”

    Rallies & revolts in what [effective] ways?

    The total BS riots, looting, arson, vandalism, assault & battery, plus killing on rampant display in cities like Portland isn’t the way.

  2. Well said. It’s so obvious a caveman could see it. And yet hardly any of us do. The Covid scamdemic has been planned for years. Yes, there may be weaponized infection at work. But it’s not as deadly as the narrative proclaims. Just look at the death statistics. There is NO basis for declaring a pandemic other than to cause sufficient fear in the population to get them to accept a mandatory vaxxx. And once that is rammed through, of course, there must be a way to prove you’ve had it, so the biometric ID2020 (another long planned scam) will be mandated. From then forward mankind will have to be vaxxxed periodically and everything will be monitored via the biometric ID/chip. Humanity will be technocratically enslaved. I’m glad I only have a few years left to endure this shit and sincerely feel sorry for those younger than I. Life is going to Suck with a capital S if folks don’t wake up and stop all of this NOW. Once they push through the vaxxx it’s too late. We’ll be living in a real life episode of Black Mirror.

  3. I will never allow “them ” to inject me with their poison. Have not had
    a cold in 25 years and have never had a flu shot. I know my body pretty
    well and how to take of it. Contribute to Robert Kennedy Jr. and his
    on going exposure of Bill Gates and the true nature of the agenda.

  4. More information about real statistics of Covid-19 -
    Be smart not stupid

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