Hillary Clinton Is The Dirtiest Diaper In The Laundry

I asked my father – a dyed-in-the-wool old-fashioned, inextricably loyal Democrat – if he would actually vote for Hillary Clinton.  His response:  “I’m praying she doesn’t get the nomination.”

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that – unless the email scandal derails her – she will get the nod from the Democrats.  I believe she’s electable because she will attract a preponderance of female voters from both parties just because of the fact that she’s a woman (we think).    So far the Republicans have not put anyone who I think could come close to challenging a female Democrat candidate.  It’s the same dynamic that got Obama elected in 2008.

But Hillary Clinton is possibly one of the dirtiest and most corrupt humans to walk the corridors of power in DC.  The filth she has rolled around in stretches at least as far back as the Whitewater/commodity account profits/filegate/travelgate/Vince Foster controversies. I’m sure there’s plenty more from before the Clintons were subjected to scrutiny at the national level.  I’m sure there’s been plenty of destroyed files and paper trails connected to when Bubba was an unknown back woods politician in Arkansas.

So now we find out that the email account which held any interest to truthseekers – Hillary’s personal email on her personal server which we strongly believe was used to by her to exploit her position as Secretary of State in order to conduct lucrative personal business – has been wiped clean:

Hillary Clinton permanently deleted all the emails on the private server she used to do official business as secretary of state, the Republican lawmaker who subpoenaed the emails said late Friday.  Hillary Clinton Deletes Emails

I would urge Trey Gowdy to consider the high likelihood that Hillary, along with her “foundation,” financially benefited extensively from her “official business” conduct.

If Hillary has nothing to hide – like she claims – then how come she deleted everything rather than let her future voters see what she was up to?   That’s strictly a rhetorical question, of course.

What’s really frightening is knowing that the NSA has copies of everything and now has the power to use that as extreme leverage of over her should she become the next President.  It’s the kind of power over a President for which J. Edgar Hoover would have converted to heterosexuality.

Unfortunately, Hillary has plenty of time to make this problem go away and to continue covering any other carelessly left tracks in the snow.   Should she rise to become the Democratic nominee, this issue will long lost by the mainstream media.  And we know voters have infamously short attention spans and memories.

Unfortunately, this country continues to descend into Orwell’s Inferno…


5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Is The Dirtiest Diaper In The Laundry

  1. Hillary Clinton Is The Dirtiest Shirt In The Laundry

    I’d call her the worst biyatch in Washington DC!

  2. If hitlery wins then it is all over for America.

    If she wins then it will be a proclamation throughout the country and the world that ethics don’t matter, as long as you win that is all that matters and playing fair, being honest, doing the right thing etc. are all the trademarks for chumps. The US is slowly turning into a nation of grifters from Wall Street to the banks to DC, but if Hili-hag wins then corruption will be the norm throughout the country.

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