Hillary Steals The Presidency While Atlas Shrugs

Must have been some kind of time/space warp while we slept last night… today Obama says if illegals vote they become a citizen and the NY Post headline is the Filipino maid who printed Hillary’s classified emails then Comey bails on 650,000 damning emails. F#%k me Dave, I feel like I’m on LSD.  – email from a reader

About 12 years ago I was chatting with the friend who dragged me feet-first into the “dark side” and the world of precious metals in 2001.  We were discussing Eastman Kodak’s likely demise a few years before the Company went into the tank.  We knew a 2008-type event was going to happen at some point.   At the time, we said that eventually we would see events occur in this country that would blow our minds.  Mind you, this was a couple years after Enron, 9/11 (which we knew was a Government false-flag operation), Bernie Madoff and the U.S.’ illegal invasion based on admitted (eventually) lies propagated by Colin Powell.

I have to say, the way in which Hillary Clinton’s criminal organization has gained complete control over the political and justice system and the media in this country is truly mind-blowing.   Hillary is a criminally insane sociopath.  That point is unequivocally inarguable.  But the true Devil in her organization is John Podesta, who’s persona has been made available to anyone willing to spend time reading just a portion of the “Podesta” emails given to us by Wikileaks.

There are 691,200 seconds in 8 days. FBI Director Comey reviewed 650,000 emails in 8 days? An email per second? Americans aren’t stupid! – tweet from Bernard Kerik, ex-NYPD Commissioner

If anyone knows about corrupt organizations, it’s an NYPD Commissioner – the NYPD being one of the most internally corrupt law enforcement organizations around.  It’s great when ex-insiders blow the whistle on others when the agenda of those others do not fit that of the ex-insider’s “team.”

The manner in which Jim Comey has folded is beyond stunning.  I’m  not sure there’s anyone who cares about this matter who believes that Comey was able to parse through over 650,000 emails in 8 days in order to determine that Hillary did not commit “intent” in her email escapades.

Hillary’s email trail made available to the public is a fascinating trail of criminality.  I doubt James Patterson, John Grisham and Robert Ludlum could combine resources and make up a crime tale as intriguing as Hillary’s.

The evidence piling up against Hillary is breathtaking.  According to the recently released Podesta emails, the Clinton Foundation has been used for everything except funding charitable causes, including paying for Chelsea’s wedding and funding Chelsea’s husband’s failed hedge fund.  If I were not able to laugh at this insanity, I’d be suicidal…

I think most Americans who are being honest with themselves are fully aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton is likely the most corrupt politician in U.S. history.  If anything, the election of Hillary Clinton is a symptom that the end is near for the United States.

I am convinced that we are at a pivotal moment in American history, and if the American people willingly choose Hillary Clinton it will be an indication that there is zero hope for the future of this nation.

The above quote is an excerpt from a must-read essay written by Michael Snyder:  I  Just Lost All Faith In Our Deeply Corrupt Legal System…

I urge everyone to read Snyder’s commentary.


6 thoughts on “Hillary Steals The Presidency While Atlas Shrugs

  1. The recent ‘white hats’ fantasy breakout is dead. The FBI, NYPD, Justus Dept are all bought and sold. It’s too late, but not late enough for more false hope. The system is entrenched, the Clinton Foundation will be at the hub of the Evil Queen’s new administration, an interconnected web of deceit outside of government. It will help accelerate the demise of the US. The only thing that will take it down is a nuclear hit on the US, or a wholesale financial collapse.

    Strange events to be wishing for!

    Or maybe Trump will win – ha. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. When Comey announced a few days ago that he was re-opening the investigation, my instant reaction was “just an eyewash, he is going to give her a clean chit again”. Then, I started reading here and there that he finally manned up, grew a spine and did the right thing for the sake of the American voters. Even Scott Adams of Dilbert fame had a theory along those lines. I wanted to believe this but I couldn’t – not after it was proven here a few months ago how deeply Comey is embedded into the criminal enterprise. The emails aren’t the issue – the numerous nefarious activities going on in the garb of a charitable foundation are the real issue. And isn’t it funny, the son in law had the best possible insider knowledge and still managed to lose money for his hedge fund investors!

  3. All of the elites use private email – they have to in order to hide their extra constitutional actions, as well as their self enriching deals. Doesnt matter what side of the aisle, they are all in on this. Theyve been at this for decades – they killed JFK and covered it up. Really came out of the OSS which then morphed into the CIA. I just read we had some green berets killed in combat in Jordan. WTF are we doing in Jordan? Where are we NOT in war?

    I’m in a deep blue state, 1 party mindf-k and I see and hear almost nothing but Trump support. Trump has a small but real chance to actually win my state, and I have to imagine he has an even better chance in purple and lighter blue states.

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