Housing Heads South – Precious Metals Getting Ready To Soar

“We’re now forecasting slower revenue growth for the third quarter based on an unexpected drop in Redfin’s bookings growth in the past three weeks, slowing traffic growth in a weakening real estate market.” – CEO of Redfin (RDFN) on the earnings conference call. Redfin stock plunged 22% after it reported its latest quarter this past Thursday after the market closed. I’ve been recommending RDFN as a short for several months in my Short Seller’s Journal.

I joined Elijah Johnson and Eric Dubin on SD Bullion’s weekly Metals & Markets podcast  to discuss the popping housing market bubble and to explain why the risk of missing a big move higher in the precious metals market is much greater than the risk of more downside from here:


I just released my latest issue of the Short Seller’s Journal in which I explain why Tesla’s days may be numbered and I offer ideas for speculating that TSLA goes to zero sometime in the next two years. I also update my homebuilder short-sell ideas. You can learn more about this newsletter here:  Short Seller’s Journal information

3 thoughts on “Housing Heads South – Precious Metals Getting Ready To Soar

  1. Hi Dave, do you think they might try to extend the terms on mortgages to try and keep prices high? I see a lot of places talking about affordability issues. From the banks perspective, why not start locking people in 50 year loans so the payment is easier to manage on half a million. They’ve been successful at extending terms with autos.

    1. Paper gold anyway. I would suggest looking for other sources of news on gold other than ZH. ZH’s reporting on the
      gold market tends to lack depth and meaningful analysis

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