How Much Longer Can Fascist Monetary Fraud Continue?

Jay Taylor invited me back on his “Turning Hard Times Into Good Times” internet radio show on  The topics covered include the China’s currency devaluation and what it means, the proliferation of U.S.-originated media propaganda false flags and the growing shortage of physical silver.

One thing is certain China has placed a lot more forethought and planning into this move than has been put into the analysis being regurgitated ad nauseum by the Sesame Street characters who masquerade as Wall Street economist and financial media analysts.  Jay and I try dig beneath the obvious and discuss what might be going on.

3 thoughts on “How Much Longer Can Fascist Monetary Fraud Continue?

  1. Dave,

    I listened to this other day. Good work as usual. Then later in the day we had the massive explosion in China. After two day’s of currency devaluation. And apparently today was supposed to be a Chinese State announcement regarding the Yuan. I guess that will be postponed. Reminds me of what Catherine Austin Fitts said during an interview I saw when asked about the life of the USD. Her reply was how far will our Military take us ? Maybe yesterday was an accident in China. Maybe the build up on Russia’s borders with the Ukraine is just a coincidence. Or maybe it wasn’t…..

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