Hugo Price Salinas: The Crumbling World Order And Gold

The massive “disintermediation” of physical gold from western Central Banks plus bank and ETF custodial vaults to the east, especially China, India and Russia will eventually be one of the biggest stories/events of this millennium.   This acceleration in the migration of physical gold this year has been triggered by the relentless manipulation of gold by the Fed/ECB/BoE and its agent bullion banks using fraudulent paper gold contracts.  Recently, the drawdown in the amount of gold reported to be in the vaults on the Comex and in HSBC’s GLD vault is nothing short of stunning.

Hugo Salinas Price has written a must-read essay on the collapse of the west and measures China will implement assume the lead role in a restructured global world order:

The Chinese evidently have some plans which they are not divulging, for we see that China is purchasing huge amounts of gold. In the meantime, the US insists on trashing the price of gold, as if to say that the Dollar is and will remain the world’s supreme currency till the end of time.

China is quietly accumulating gold and saying nothing. But we can try to guess what China is thinking: “The US is mired in an insoluble problem. Do nothing to provoke the US. The US will destroy itself in a huge collapse.”

You can read his entire analysis here:   The Crumbling World Order and Who Will Pick Up the Crumbs?

The middle class in the United States has no idea that a heavy 2×4 is being at the back of their heads.  By the time many of them realize what is happening, it will be too late to duck.


17 thoughts on “Hugo Price Salinas: The Crumbling World Order And Gold

  1. I beg to differ. China wants to play the same role as the USA today. They are not our saviors. The common people in India and China buying gold for dowry and other purposes – the so-called love trade – will kill the gold manipulation. The political elite in China is not as ethical as gold bugs might hope.

  2. “Hugo Salinas Price has written a must-read essay on the collapse of the west and measures China will implement assume the lead role in a restructured global world order:…”

    Oh lovely. The most corrupt, indebted, communists in world history will now lead the world. Can’t wait. Maybe they’ll come to Ohio and run concentration camps like they promote in North Korea.

    China is a dump. An industrial wasteland. And this blog seems to love it there.

    1. LOL. Seriously dude, either you mother smoked a lot of meth while you were in the womb or someone hit you upside of the head with a Big Bertha Calloway steel shaft driver and knocked your brain into retardation.

  3. China is far more of a ponzi than the US. They have far more debt. Your lack of critical thinking on China makes this blog look stupid.

    I’ve got an idea. Move to Shanghai. It’s gorgeous.

  4. Hi Dave … I was wondering if you could do an article about whether the COMEX is in breach of any Anti-Trust laws or the Sherman Act, etc with their recent ramped up Paper Gold leverage to over 300-to-1 … and if it looks like the COMEX is in breach, in a subsequent article describe how a mining company or fund could start legal proceedings against the COMEX … and the possibly of turning legal proceedings into a Class Action on behalf of all mining companies &/or funds/investors.

        1. No. You need a judicial system that isn’t not 100% full of corrupted judges. I think there’s an anti-trust class-action suit for silver vs. JPM in the system now.

          1. >>> I think there’s an anti-trust class-action suit for silver vs. JPM in the system now. <<<

            Hmmmmm … really …. that needs some more ink/expose if you can find the case …. I'll see if I can find it …. I'm just itching to get involved in a CA against one of the POS Leveraged Paper Bullion C@@cSuckers … and I'm sure there's about 100,000 or more Bullion Investors itching to pull the legal trigger on JPM or GS or one of the other dirtbag banks … it's time to start letting the Guillotines drop.

  5. Dave, your 2X4 metaphor is very apropos. Hugo calls it.

    In a similar vein, another WOFMD (weapon of financial mass destruction) is now primed to explode;

    SALLY CDS or Subprime Auto Leveraged Loans Yield Credit Default Swaps.

  6. Wow some of these comments are from la-la land. I’m not saying Salinas is right but you need better logic than that China is the biggest ponzi or China is polluted or China is immoral to “conclude” that what Salinas says will happen will not happen. So by this logic England never had an Empire in the 19th century because their country was polluted, they were immorally taking over the world with colonialism and stealing other people’s resources and their financial system had no fraud or ponzi schemes in it. Seriously, you think the international monetary system depends on a country’s morality, clean air and water? You need to explain how China’s problems will prevent it from using gold in international trade to counteract Salinas’s argument, not just say oh those guys are communist so they can’t rule the world. All they need to do is to decide to buy oil and gas with Russia and SA in gold and for those countries to agree they will buy Chinese goods with gold and the dollar system will implode. Polution, morality, communism has nothing to do with it. You need to make a better case than throwing key words around.

  7. There are reports, too numerous to count, coming out of the economic zone of Southern China that there are huge factories making knockoffs of Calloway’s Big Bertha that are gold plated, and will be used by the Chinese to metaphorically slap on the side of the American collective head, which has been encased with dense denial.

    What’s not to understand – One country, the US, issues debt currency to pay for it’s glutenous consumption of imports, it’s population is made up of Balkanized Zombies who are culturally and racially feuding, ruled by a gridlocked government which can only focus on bombing foreign people in mud huts.
    The other country, China, is totally focused on it’s economy and nationalistic interests. It has created a vast industrial infrastructure and export market, squirreled away trillions of debt dollars, and has been hoarding gold as if it’s a finite asset with a long monetary history.
    Both countries economies are in deflationary trouble and the issuing of credit is not sustainable to cover all the debt. This dilemma is leading to a world wide currency/credit crisis. Gee, isn’t it rational and prudent to hold some of the barbaric relic coveted by the rich, the Chinese and most foreigners.
    Fred and Frank, you still there?

  8. Dave looks like your attracting semi professional trolls’ must be hitting some outta the park here. Like the idiots’ that keep talking about China’s’ “Debt” which is true..but they are recapitalizing with real money ie GOLD.. Western nations have or are selling their capital (the farm) So listen up trolls, issuing credit is OK if you own REAL CAPITAL.. Which of course along with our productive capacity and gold, our own corrupt politicians and corporate leaders’ have handed to the East on a platter.

  9. Brilliant insight by Mr. Price. The world is sick of the U.S. abuse of the $ as reserve currency, especially for the past 40 plus years. Oh, its been great for Americans and our Oligarchs who rule U.S., its been sensational wealth accumulation for them. But for the exporting countries of the world, its been ever rising and choking debt and inflation for their currencies. This has been brought upon them by a nation who has the most powerful military in the world to enforce their profligate ways upon a world which has had No monetary alternative – until Now. China can and will offer the world an alternative to the “Giant Squid” of world finance and monetary hegemony. Man will the rest of the world jump at the opportunity for fair trade for their goods in exchange for honest Money. Mr. Price is a brilliant man and an honest man. God bless him.

  10. China is in a good position to benefit from the dollar collapse but it is by no means a competent place that could rival what the US used to be. At work today we had a weld inspector come in who had just come back from China and the stories he told of the nightmarish quality control and manufacturing practices were pretty unbelievable. He said it takes them forever to weld things up and I was surprised at this because I thought things happened efficiently over there which is why quality slides, because they try to get things done fast. Nope, he said they throw 10 welders on a job that would take 1 or 2 over here, no one knows what they are doing since they have a grade 1 education and they are slow and make a mess. The reason things are cheap is because they pay them peanuts.

    The reason I bring this up as a problem is because those 10 guys all need to be fed etc. and if it’s representative of the rest of the “productivity” of other sectors then the whole economy is in trouble. China has benefited from currency manipulation and gold manipulation; that’s it. They don’t really have anything else going for them economically, they are actually pretty bad, plus they are ruining their environment and are grossly overpopulated, and don’t forget al the fossil fuels they need to import, just like the US. So no, I don’t see China rising up to become a new improved USA, although of course gold revaluation will greatly boost their wealth in the new system. But the other side of the coin is that currency devaluation of the rest of the world will suddenly make America and all these other countries competitive again, and what the western countries have going for them is the ability to have basic competence in doing a job right.

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