“If You Want To Stop Gold Manipulation, Shut Down The Comex”

I did a podcast with Rory at The Daily Coin.  Rory is doing a great job writing articles which expose the truth about what is going on in our system and offering steps you can take to prepare for what’s coming.

In this podcast we discuss the corruption at the Justice Department and Eric Holder’s pivotal role in that, mining industry issues and why the large producers such as Barrick and Newmont should be avoided, the housing market and the LBMA gold and silver fix.  I explain why I think closing down the silver fix means they probably won’t close down the gold fix.  You can listen to the podcast here:

In lieu of throwing investment dollars are the large-cap mining stocks, mining stock investors should looking for junior exploration mining stock ideas. Right now I truly believe that the junior mining shares – the ones with real deposits that are being tested and proved – are the best stock market opportunity in the close to 30 years I’ve been studying, researching, trading and investing in the stock market. Many of these stocks will achieve gains that dwarf the gains made in internet stocks.

I am offering research reports with companies I think offer huge upside potential and companies which are newsletter “darlings” but should be avoided. You can access these reports here: Mining Stock Reports.

Over the next several weeks I will putting up several more research reports plus a comprehensive report on GLD. I will also be offering “special situation” reports, including research on Amazon.com and ideas to make a lot of money shorting the coming collapse of the housing bubble 2.0.

6 thoughts on ““If You Want To Stop Gold Manipulation, Shut Down The Comex”

  1. US housing price growth slowed to just 0.2% in the first three months of 2014, latest figures show. According to the S&P/Case-Shiller index, the slowdown in growth compared with the previous quarter was partly caused by tighter bank lending regulations.

    Further compounding the problem is rising student loan debt, which has discouraged first-time buyers.

    “Among those markets seeing substantial slowdowns in price gains were some of the leading boom-bust markets including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and Tampa,” he added


    crash 2.0 ahead!

    1. Dude, a friend of mine sent me the Zillow MLS map of Castle Rock Colorado – it was the poster child for the housing bubble in this State. There’s so many homes listed – especially $1mm+ homes listed – that the map looks like a war-zone. He also showed me the map for another subdivision closer to Denver that’s near the tech center area and same deal.

      1. Reno, Nevada ain’t doing so well, either. Homes are being built but nobody knows who is going to buy them. The income level here has really dropped from full-time to part-time that nobody can afford a home, let alone they struggle with an apartment. Some have bought trailers for $4000 and are paying $75 a month (hate to see what one actually looks like, though – but sure beats $500 a month for an one-bedroom apartment).

        The housing market is a major driver of economic activity and its coming to a dead halt, so I’m not surprised at the war zone you have in Denver. I haven’t looked at the high priced homes in Reno (they go from $100,000 to $500,00) but I should take a look at the listings when I get the chance. wonder how many are on the market vs those who are holding on to them, hoping for a better day when they can dump the property.

        The day of reckoning is coming…..


    The DOC
    (Just in !)

    We’ve been discussing the implications Modi being elected in India would have on the price of gold for nearly 9 months at SD- but it appears that gold won’t be the only precious metal majorly affected by Modi’s policies.
    Bloomberg is reporting that Modi has announced plans for a massive solar power initiative to bring power to every Indian home by 2019.
    Considering the fact that nearly 1/2 billion people in India currently are without access to electricity, the Modi plan would bring monumental new demand to the solar panel industry- as well as to one of the solar panel’s main components…..SILVER.

    Shut Down The Comex !? Where we’re going , we don’t need Comex’s

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