Inching Toward The Cliff – Why Gold Is Soaring

The global economy is headed uncontrollably toward the proverbial cliff. Although the Central Banks will once again attempt to defer this reality with more money printing and currency devaluation, systemic collapse is fait accompli.

Gold and silver are behaving in a way I have not observed in over 18 years of active participation in the precious metals sector. It’s quite possible that the is being driven by the physical gold and silver markets, with the banks losing manipulative control over precious metals prices using derivatives.

Silver Doctors invited me to discuss a global economy headed for economic and financial disaster; we also discuss the likely reintroduction of gold into the global monetary system:


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13 thoughts on “Inching Toward The Cliff – Why Gold Is Soaring

  1. Gold moves up but the criminal energy of the Cartel is boundless. I counted more than 60 attacks on the gold price today, at first to stop gold from going through $1500, then to push the price below $1500 again. None of the regulators anywhere in the world appears to address this issue. This is the true face of globalisation. If gold went up to $2000 in the next six months, what would we gain? A temporary illusion of wealth?

    1. Well said Ed. Fiat is an illusion. Paper promise might not ever be kept. Intrinsic value is only in physical tangibility. Physical market might finally be beyond regulator controls soon. It’s not what we gain, but what we keep.

      1. Doug,

        Except that a country’s fiat currency is what one uses to buy food, gasoline, etc., and pay bills. So the convertibility of an asset [stocks, bonds, real estate, diamonds, metals, etc.] into currency, how much, and how fast that can happen is of importance.

        1. True convertibility is very important. Our constitution clearly states that there shall be no money other than gold and silver, yet where are we? Prep necessities first, then diversified tangible commodities for barter. Water, food, wood, lead, seeds seems to be the correct order to me. Upon ample supply of those I moved on to rare metals that have always been considered currency. Love my U.S. 90% silver for the face value and my local pawn only accepts it, no 100%, not even eagles. (Guess to many made in China).

  2. Best idea Dave , ignore all their bullshit. There is no any logic in it .
    Gold is still heading up. I would like something solid to happen to confirm reason of gold going up. At this moment it’s like slow train going uphill , maybe China? , maybe economy?

    1. How about digitally creating a few trillion to bail out those that shouldn’t be? Don’t even have to kill all the trees or recycle rags, just push a few buttons and there it is. My point is sometimes inflation takes a while to set in. I don’t need a reason or miracle black swan to understand simple reality and economics. Logic hasn’t been a quality of governement since the constitution. Government in China and Russia shows more common cents than ours does now, printing paper to buy metals, hand over fist from what I read. We are to busy buying our own debt because no one else is any more. Bullshiit fer sure. Currency wars are upon us. What are you holding? How about some of the new “euros”, or the N.W.O. Mark?

  3. Even though gold and silver have gone up, it is soooooo obvious that these rises are still being managed by the cabal. I believe it is being managed so DB and other banks can slowly or as quickly, as they possibly can, cover their short futures positions.

    The cabal looks at the historical charts for support and resistance lines on the way up and play those accordingly as a psyop for all market participants. Hence, got near $1,525 which was CHART resistance on the way up and low and behold, guess what, got the pullback to about $1,500. So beautifully played by the cabal.

    Bitcoin – $11.745 Gold – $1,508 Silver – $16.98
    Above values are the biggest sick joke being played. Gold should have Bitcoin’s price and vice-e-versa.

    1. I.M.O. The three should play musical chairs with the digital crypto at the 16 dollar handle. The physical metal doesn’t change- only it’s perceived value. The crypto is infinitely divided, all they have to do is add another shitoshi, or give it another name. Made of nothing, backed by nothing, invest NOW! Ha ha. sick confidence game joke for sure. If it makes it back to $16 I’ll buy 3.

  4. I think there may be a misunderstanding. I assume as at of now that gold has a good chance of getting to $2000 within the next six months. However the big question is what you happens next. Will deep state governments allow you to keep your assets? Or will they take them? Or asked differently: how much fun is life if you are in a state of outlawry, where the authorities refuse to recognise the constitution and the rule of law?

    1. Since I took the time to blow up this thread, I figured I would make a clean sweep and reply. The future is always the question. I guess when they are trying to confiscate my gold they will be coming for my guns also? Good luck with that one. If martial law and shtf arrives, I will have more “fun” than most. They have been ignoring the constitution for decades, but the majority of the sheeple don’t have the capacity to understand or have been incorrectly educated. ANYONE can start their own illegal crypto. FOllow FAcebook to Libra. New World currency? Will they keep my money safe even though I don’t have a page or subscription? Supposedly only the government is the only legal issuer of currency, yet it happens every day now. Counterfeiting laws used to be enforced, now that the government issues fiat, it almost seems encouraged.

  5. Time to either jump on the investment train and invest in gold or sell gold while the price is high. I chose to sell gold and purchased another bar that’s more valuable since the gold future is bright. I sold my gold coins to Bullion Exchanges as well buying the gold bars from them. They are having pretty sick deals!

    1. Plat is looking massively undervalued considering rarity and useful applications for certain. I’ve been sad about missing the palladium ride the past few years. I passed on a ballerina 5 years ago and have regretted it the past 2. I could have doubled my money and that quick. Might not have been bitcoin for a dollar, but I would be happy about still holding that beautiful coin.

  6. Proverbial cliff indeed. My partner and I run a coin shop in Sacramento CA and we’ve noticed a considerable spike (like 30% and more) in precious metal sales & inquires over the last few weeks. And we often ask what their buying strategy is; more often than not, it’s because they’re feel that our economy is tanking. And unfortunately… They’re right! Good thing for our buyers is, we’re one of the only players in town selling gold at just spot plus $5 or $10 (even incrementals ;-).

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