Incredible Trade Opportunity In A High Quality Mining Stock

I want to preface this by saying that I try to focus exclusively on opportunities in the junior mining sector. For instance, tomorrow I will be having a discussion with CEO of a junior miner that I think could have the potential to go from 18 cents to $8 eventually.

However, I focus on the mining stocks because this is one of the few sectors of the market that has embedded information and trading inefficiencies. This is the case because of the relatively few “eyeballs” that watch or follow this sector and many of those eyeballs – especially the Bay Street (Toronto) and Wall Street analysts are either incompetent or so afraid of their own shadows that they can’t bring themselves to take any risk, even when they understand the fundamentals.

I believe this stock has an easy 10% outright, unannualized return based on today’s close, assuming the entire stock market doesn’t sell off hard or assuming the precious metals sectors minimally moves sideways over the next 5-10 trading days.

My report outlines why the opportunity was created, why Wall Street and Bay Street are clueless with their analysis of this sector and why this particular has the potential for a quick short term gain.   It’s also been set up for anyone who prefers large cap stocks to buy in now and outperform all large cap mining stocks going forward.

In addition to my analysis, Nick of Denaliguide (link at the top) was kind enough to put together his high quality, unique technical perspective and allowing me to include it in my report.  He thinks this stock has great short term trading/investing technicals.

You can access this report here:   Incredible Short Or Long Term Trade Idea


Disclosure:  I put this stock into the fund I manage this afternoon just below $37 and just before the close today.   Whether I keep it for a quick bounce or longer term will depend on several factors.

3 thoughts on “Incredible Trade Opportunity In A High Quality Mining Stock

  1. Dave, can you clarify for this miner if it trades on domestic exchanges? Would be nice to know prior to purchasing another report.


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