India Expected To Import At Least 100 Tonnes Of Gold In March

Unofficially India imported about 25 tonnes in February, as buyers waited to see if the Government would reduce the 10% import duty imposed by the previous Government in July 2013.   But Bloomberg is reporting that “snap-back” demand could boost India’s imports to 100 tonnes in March as India heads into another festival season – Bloomberg link.

As John Brimelow of JB’s Gold Jottings avers:

India in November demonstrated an ability to import prodigious quantities of gold legally even with duty at an effective 10.3%. This could happen again with weak world gold or, just as possible, a strong rupee. For the immediate future the question is if Indian demand really was inhibited by the prospect of lower duty…

That last sentence references the fact that including smuggled gold, it’s not clear if the 10% import duty actually reduced the amount of gold that entered India either officially or “unofficially.”   Of course, the World Gold Council will only use the official numbers and will completely disregard any reference to smuggled gold.

Meanwhile India announced plans to try and monetize India’s gold stock by introducing gold deposit accounts that would pay interest on gold deposited into the accounts and by introducing a “sovereign gold bond” which would be gold-backed bonds that pay interest and would be redeemable in cash.  It’s my view that this “monetization” scheme will be fail miserably, as Indians – more than any other culture – demand gold that is delivered to their possession in the form of coins and jewelry.

I really can’t figure out the motive of the Indian Government in introducing this “monetization”  idea other than, despite being a BRICS member, India’s Government occasionally plays the role of a lap-dog to the U.S. and England.  The Bank of England and the Fed have been aggressively pushing a fractional gold system on India for quite some now.  Clearly the west desperate to divert as much global capital as possible away from buying deliverable physical gold and into paper gold derivatives.  This plan in India will be a colossal failure.

8 thoughts on “India Expected To Import At Least 100 Tonnes Of Gold In March

  1. working to ‘corrupt’ even the Indian population…..only ‘lead’ will correct the evil doers deeds around this world,,,,inho

  2. A “strong “Rupee????? One Rupee can currently be exchanged for 0.0161¢ in US money. That is less than two US Cents, and there is talk of the possibility of a “Strong” Rupee?

    Considering that the Indian Rupee has been falling in value since its creation in 1947, is it any wonder why the wise citizens in India hoard gold and not Rupees?

  3. The indians were waiting for a possible duty import reduction from 10% to 2%. Would have saved them a lot of money. Unfortunately the duty import rate stays unchanged. So the Indians will either buy more at 10% import duty or keep the mafia running at full speed smuggling the gold into the country.

  4. Lets not forget that until the good Brits arrived and pillaged India the Rupee was made of Silver. You don’t want Silver as money silly people. Here… try these lovely pieces of paper with pictures of our Queen on them. And thus India was to be made poor and pound Sterling was to arrive shortly afterwards. Just a coincidence I guess.

  5. Do you think Obama made that trip to India 4 weeks ago just as Indian budget was being prepared feverishly. Think he carried any special messages with him?

    P.S. Also note that the Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan is a Rothschild snake who comes from Chicago Business School of Economics. He is also a former IMF dude. Enough said.

    1. Agree. Actually, the Finance side of the Govt didn’t want to cut the duty, the Treasury side did. The finance side is the lapdog of the U.S./Fed

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