IRD To CNBC: “I Guess Greece Was Not Priced In To The Stock Market…”

Greece Matter

Although it’s certainly easier to predict than whether or not the sun will rise, nothing makes me more giddy with glee than when the idiots on CNBC utter outrageously idiotic assertions and then get egg tossed on their face almost immediately.

I stopped watching all financial media several years ago and have never regretted it. I guess the only reason these networks are still in business is that enough adults in this country like to watch the adult version of “Sponge Bob Square Pants.”

I have better things to do with my time.

5 thoughts on “IRD To CNBC: “I Guess Greece Was Not Priced In To The Stock Market…”

  1. Can they cap gold and silver paper here? That’s the fun part. My guess is “yes.” Maybe I’ll be wrong. Although my order from my coin dealer came in. Nice and shiny…

  2. LMAO Exactly. Hardly ever turn that “idiot box” on!
    Now I hope that those numbskull ‘Nannycrats’ in Brussels and the ECB come out with a really ignorant, knee-jerk reaction to Greece tomorrow. Therefore driving Greece straight into the welcoming arms of Russia and China.
    One more convert for China’s new silk road arena and a Mediterranean long term port for Russia’s Black Sea fleet. All this in a NATO country too! Priced in? NOT.

  3. Dave , You know my personal story regarding the Einsteins of CNBC.
    They’re all out for themselves , pure and simple.

  4. And yet here we are, late the next morning and the market has recovered 85% of that initial decline. And why? Because the talking heads are already pushing July 20th as the new deadline along with the notion that Varoufakis’ resignation is sign at a deal will be worked out before then. And if the deal isn’t worked out by this miraculous new deadline? Oh, well, there more dates on the calendar to put into the deadline date. Why not just push the deadline to 2020- the market would love it!

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