IRD To Mitch McConnell: Exactly Who Is The Thug?

The NY Post reported that Senate Republican “leader,” Mitch McConnell called Vladimir Putin a “thug” in response to DJT’s interview on 60 minutes.   It’s hard for the U.S. Deep State to hide the U.S. military build-up in the NATO countries surrounding Russia’s borders. This includes the takeover, in effect, of Ukraine by the Obama Government.   I think we can all agree that NATO is a de facto “shell” for U.S. military operations.   With that in mind, I pulled the interesting graphic to the right, with some edits from me (click to enlarge) from an article written by an options trader who also posts commentary on Zerohedge.

The U.S. has been literally flooding the NATO countries surrounding Russia’s borders with offensive military assets.  Recently the U.S. deployed tanks and special forces personnel in Poland.  A week later, the U.S. deployed 900 marines in Norway – the first time since World War Two that foreign troops have been allowed to be stationed in Norway, which is a NATO member.

So Mitch, looking at the actions the graphic above and interpreting the actions of the U.S. Department of Defense, who exactly is the “thug?”

4 thoughts on “IRD To Mitch McConnell: Exactly Who Is The Thug?

  1. Dave your are correct! McConnell is a JackHole a disgrace to the political system. That he is head of the Repubs is a disgrace. Now that his Asian honey is on Trumps Team he has moderated a bit his tune on Trump. He is as corrupt and disgraceful as they come. Thanks for calling him out. I am so sick of the NeoCONS. The war mongers for profit.

    How they continue to paint Russia as the aggressor is nothing but bellicose, self serving lies.

  2. In case you were wondering why you made the fake news list, you posted the proof with this article.

    Shameful and disgusting, telling the truth in this manner.

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