Is A Run On Comex And London Gold & Silver Occurring?

Indications of stress developing in the physical gold and silver markets of London and NYC were apparent last summer, well before anyone ever heard of the term “coronavirus.” The shortage of gold in NY that led to roll-out of the infamous “4G enhanced gold” contract that fractionalized LBMA gold bars for “delivery” on the Comex is just one of the “footprints” in the snow that lead us to this conclusion.

In addition, the big spread between spot gold and gold futures which persisted for several weeks and now has spread to the silver market reflects a large dislocation between the physical market and the paper derivatives market for silver.

Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics and I discuss what appears to be a drain on the physical supply of gold and silver on the Comex and LBMA:


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3 thoughts on “Is A Run On Comex And London Gold & Silver Occurring?

  1. It sure does seem like the Banksters are almost out of runway as they
    try and control a large bubble that is coming in very hot. My greatest
    fear is that if the situation becomes untenable that the powers that be
    just decide to kick the chess board over without any concern for humanity.

  2. I suggest you start referring to the obvious attempt to camouflage COMEX’ bald shelves with paper as the “COMEX comb over”.

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