Is AMZN’s Genie Finally Out Of The Bottle?

A curious news report hit the tape yesterday which described a “major shift in [Amazon’s] thinking” – AMZN Buys Rights To “Wiener-Dog.”  I find it curious because,  a) the author of the report clearly has not read my Amazon dot Con stock research report and b) there has not been a “major shift” in AMZN’s “thinking.”  (click to enlarge image)

UntitledThis move by AMZN has been endemic to the way Jeff Bezos operates since he transitioned the Company from a simple-model online book-store into a gigantic Ponzi scheme which has fomented one of the most overvalued high profile stocks in history.  Oh by the way, he’s fleeced shareholders for 10’s of billions of dollars over the last 20 years.

This news report embodies the myth of Amazon.  Every time Bezos rolls out a new add-on to his business model, the AMZN stock bulls herald his genius and the stock goes nuts.  We’ve seen this countless times over the years including recently:  drone delivery, restaurant menu delivery, same-day delivery, cloud computing, content delivery…And yet, curiously, Bezos has never been able to deliver bona fide net income to his shareholders from his add-on Ponzi business ventures.

His true business model is selling dreams to AMZN perma-bull shareholders as a technique to trigger a stampede into the stock.  Heck AMZN stock jumped when Bezos announced hisponzi_scheme personal venture to develop a space travel company.

But perhaps the market is finally catching on.  AMZN stock is down 2.5% today as I write this. I suspect the market may see the through the  transparency of  his latest “major shift in thinking.” He spent a few million dollars of shareholder money on a movie called “Weiner Dog” that was thoroughly panned by critics.   One might think a few million spent is a meaningless amount to a company with at $285 billion market cap.  The problem is that the “money spent” in recent years is being funded with junk bonds.

This is how Bezos has been operating over the last 20 years.  Spending money thrown at him by the stock market into business ventures that lose money and burn cash.  My Amazon dot Con report lays this out in detail.  The truth is that, over the last 20 years, Bezos has become one of the richest men in the world and AMZN stock recently hit a market valuation of $325 billion.  And yet Bezos has only been able to delivery $1.9 billion in net income cumulatively to shareholders over the last 20 years.

7 thoughts on “Is AMZN’s Genie Finally Out Of The Bottle?

  1. Hope springs eternal. His new “ventures” will have to be wilder and wilder to attract more and more money. Watch for ideas like sending armies of cloned monkeys into interstellar black holes and so on LOL.

  2. Notice how Yahoo buys completely worthless companies and who the owners of those companies are. The tribe creates the fraud, markets the fraud, then spreads the profits around. The media, the fed, the banks, wall st. – all controlled by the tribe, all corrupt.

  3. Keep your pen at the ready Dave, it’s all spiraling in from here on. Even “Pee Wee’ Herman is not going to escape this train wreck. Credit and energy deflation have now taken hold. Lower prices will lead to lower prices and all of the bullshit mark-to-fantasy collateral will evaporate to real value. That’s going to be the great equalizer. Anyone who thinks those dopes over at the Federal Reserve can stop this, are on fucking drugs! Caterpillar, Apple, Amazon, Schlumberger… pick your poison, they’ve got a lot further to fall. Energy, THE MOST IMPORTANT COMMODITY in a modern industrial society, will be on its knees for years. There will be massive shut ins of wells, more cuts to cap ex , more layoffs and more bankruptcies which means it will be impossible to retire even a modicum of the current debt o/s. Not that it could of been retired anyways, but deployment of energy is how debts are repaid. Debts are not repaid with funny money, they are repaid when profitable enterprises and solvent consumers have access to inexpensive oil. We have neither. We now have inexpensive available energy, except we got there by creating hundreds of trillions in debt. That debt is not going to be paid and the creditors are going to get their day of reckoning. I can’t wait!!!

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