Is The Financial System On The Brink Of Collapse Again?

Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hemke invited me on his podcast series for a discussion about somewhat hidden developments occurring behind the carefully crafted western propaganda facade.

For those who have at least been able to “blow the Orwellian smoke” away from the war on gold, you’ve noticed that the Fed/bullion banks are having a lot of trouble pushing gold lower.  In fact, the current line of battle is at $1300 and I believe that barrier will soon be breached decisively to the upside.

We also discussed the ongoing “controlled demolition” of Deutsche Bank, which currently poses perhaps the biggest threat to the western financial system.  You listen to our conversation in mp3 format with this LINK or by clicking on the graphic below:



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7 thoughts on “Is The Financial System On The Brink Of Collapse Again?

  1. Interesting as usual but no surprises, except that I drank three High Life’s
    having only planed to drink two. Keep fighting the good fight Kranzler and
    fuck you to all the piece of shit bankers. CYA next week homie.

  2. The question is posed if the system is on the brink of collapse.

    Then I read “…. In fact, the current line of battle is at $1300 and I believe that barrier will soon be breached decisively to the upside.”

    This is only one opinion, but what I have learned plus my intuition on this is, if gold priced in dollars takes off, that will be the black swan some have been looking to identify.
    Of course there could be another black swan before TPTB lose a grip on S or G’s price. And they may have their phony price while premiums soar well above spot prices on gold and/or silver.

  3. You know Dave, i’ve often wondered why the Pommies’ haven’t come up with their own currency union, including the old commonwealth block nations’ Australia, Canada, Britain, Scotland….they could call the currency CABS…hell throw in Zimbabwe& Ethiopia…and call it EZ CABS…that way we could take the world for a ride& the Euro,Greenback wouldn’t get all the glory…….

  4. It’s on the brink on collapse for the last seven(!) years! Cannot wait to see the whole crap going down in flames.

  5. It looks like brexit was just a ruse to lure in short sellers and jam the markets higher. Even as bookies’ odds never favored brexit, media hysteria helped drive markets lower. Now after the MP’s death, brexit is off the table, all is well with the world again! Stock market futures are rallying big time and gold has been knocked down again near the 1300 level.

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