Is The Stock Market Setting Up For A Catastrophe?

From King World News:   “A major worry is now signaled from the spread between the bulls and bears. It jumped to 45.4%. Differences over 30% are a worry and above 40% signals major caution.”  (Investors Intelligence)

The only reason to buy stocks right now is because “everyone else is” is not a valid investment strategy – it’s chasing Tulip Bulb Bubbles.   But the “bullish” side  of the Titanic has line for “standing room only” – it’s the side of the boat that’s headed for the iceberg.  The other side is almost completely empty – except of course unless you are an insider at one of the bigger homebuilders:    Insider Selling Is Rampant.

It’s no wonder homebuilder insiders are dumping their company’s shares, these companies now have more debt and inventory than they did at the peak of the housing bubble – with unit sales volume 1/4 – 1/3 of what it was back then.  The homebuilders have been set up for an epic short-sell entry-point:    Homebuilder Reports.   The crash in these stocks will be epic…


5 thoughts on “Is The Stock Market Setting Up For A Catastrophe?

  1. I think the stock market tanking or where the price of
    gold and silver is heading will very soon be moot.
    Just read Dr. Paul Craig Roberts latest article about the
    deterioration of U.S. and Russian relations. The U.S now
    ready to invade Syria and the ramifications to the entire
    Middle East including possible Russian and Chinese
    involvement. I think we are getting closer to “The Road”.
    As you said on your previous blog “I know gold will go to
    $5000.00 per ounce, I don’t think I will like what the world
    looks like when it does”. Links are attached, that’s all I’ve

  2. Zimbabwe and more recently Argentina have had some of the best performing stock markets as their currency lost its purchasing power (when the stop button on their printing press didn’t work). They can prop this up forever into meaninglessness. People have been talking about market crashes non-stop since 2008-2009. Whenever I hear about giant crashes I scratch my head wondering why the writers don’t get it.

    1. Hey, yogert, keep scratching your brainwashed head cause I wanna see the look on your face when you witness the Dow Jones Industrial/propaganda Average fall to less than 500 points THIS YEAR!

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