Is The US Mint Under Reporting Silver Eagle Sales?

This is the most blatant market intervention that I’ve seen in 15 years of involvement in the precious metals market – IRD on SD Metals & Markets

Before we recorded this week’s SD Metals & Markets, Doc related a conversation to Eric Dubin and I about a conversations he had with two Authorized Purchasers of the US Mint which leads him to believe that the mint may be intentionally under-reporting silver eagle sales.

Doc and Eric invited me back on their weekly show to discuss the manipulated sell-off in the precious metals market this past week.  Every day the Comex was intermittently bombed with huge quantities of paper gold.   The only possible explanation for this is that the Fed/PPT wants to take the precious metals sector down in price ahead of uncontrollable financial event:

mining-stock-journal-bannerNewSSJ Graphic

5 thoughts on “Is The US Mint Under Reporting Silver Eagle Sales?

  1. Kitco reports that some market somewhere in the world (Asia) is open right now. But it doesn’t seem to be Shanghai. Could it be Globex? Also the website thinks that Shanghai physical exchange market is closed.

    Whichever market has opened is up by miniscule amounts. Nothing earth-shattering to compensate for the earth-shattering slamdowns of the entire week gone by.

    Here is the link for Shanghai exchange website. Going over its English language side, it’s not clear what their exact working hours are:

    Guess will need to keep monitoring this most of the evening. It would be most interesting if some arbitrages take place tonight. One can always hope, to restore some honesty to these frauds.

  2. Shanghai has opened with a massive gap since they closed a week ago.

    Prices quoted by Shanghai are still lot higher than COMEX fraud at this moment (silver 18.37, gold 1271.90), this can be an interesting night.

    Heard from an acquaintance: Donald Trump to Hitlery that she should be in jail. I might just tune into the debate. I don’t care about Trump personally.

    But DEATH TO the Hitlery EVIL!!!

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