Is The West Provoking War With Russia?

In war, truth is the first casualty – first credited to Aeschylus

I have been suggesting for quite some time that the currency war between the east and the west would eventually escalate into a full-blown military war.   This past week, rumors have spread throughout the internet like wildfire which suggest that Putin has mysteriously disappeared from public view.   The News Doctors has published an article article documenting the drama:  Has Putin Disappeared?

Given that Debka – the Israeli military’s global tool of disinformation proliferation – was the source of Putin’s “death” rumors, it would seem that the west’s military alliance (which includes Israel) is blowing more Orwellian smoke on this matter.  Of course, the deeper and more problematic question has to do with motives…

Now, in what could be nothing more than propaganda pieces, both Moscow and the west are accusing each side of deploying first-strike nuclear weapon capabilities.  The Daily Coin has presented the various news sources from which these reports have surfaced:  Russia Warns “State of War” Exists As UK Prepares First-Strike Nukes.

If Putin has “disappeared,” it could be the indication of much more troubling issues developing than his rumored “death.”

Just to be clear about one thing, there is no question in my mind that the U.S. is trying to provoke some kind of large-scale military conflict with Russia  and – given Russia’s alliance with China –  de facto with China.   If I am correct in this assumption, the underlying reason for this is because – as I’ve shown in previous articles – the U.S. economy is quickly beginning to collapse.

It is my view that all wars throughout history are seeded in root economic causes.  The next one will be no different…


7 thoughts on “Is The West Provoking War With Russia?

  1. Of course the west is trying to poke a stick in the bears eye in order for Russia to lose it´s temper and make some kind of attack.
    I dont think the master chessplayer Putin is that stupid and he wont get fooled in to this trap.
    He knows quite well what´s going on and that the west wants him to start a war in order for the them to scapegoat him for the coming economic collapse.
    I guess the angloamerican powers are getting more and more upset failing to get military action from Putin.

  2. The distortions and lies from the likes of people like General Breedlove sure supports this thesis. A war with Russia will most likely result in a nuclear exchange. These madmen must know that too.

  3. When all else fails? Take the nation to war.

    The above has and is true, throughout history. Without fail.

    War requires treasure to be spent. Take away the treasure? Take away the means to wage war. You must already own this treasure or steal it, and the US has been stealing this treasure from the world since the inception of Bretton-Woods.

    This is fast coming to an end with the looming demise of the worlds reserve currency, the US dollar and along with it the US world hedgemony. The powers that be fully realize this and are pushing every button they can, trying to start a BIG war.

    I would not read too much into Putin’s failure to appear in public this past week. It is rumored that his mistress is in Switzerland giving birth.

  4. With the current US economic numbers it seems like all Russia has to do is to stay patient and continue to show restraint.

  5. After reading the quote by Aeschylus this thought popped int my mind-

    “I weep for the truth, for she is always the victim abused by the hands of evil men.”

    I can’t recall if I read that somewhere but it does seem appropriate.

  6. It means a society/economy where the rule of law does protects individuals that invest from having their investements confiscated. Those laws being set by politicians elected by universal franchise not subject to corrupt practices. In other words, the forms of government you would find in the EU, N America etc.

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