Is War By Proxy With Russia Inevitable?

The U.K. refuses to release for independent examination any of the evidence that would link the Skirpal poisoning to Russia.  As such, we can only assume that Russia was meant to be the scapegoat.  Same deal with the chemical attack in Syria.   There’s a complete lack of evidence that would connect the incident to any specific perpetrator.  But the U.S. seems satisfied that a case built on no-evidence hear-say and western media headlines proves the allegations.

Amazingly, some of neo-cons at Fox News are now questioning the legitimacy and motives for U.S. belligerence toward Russia using Syria as the “host.” Tucker Carlson went nuts on the idea, which is surprising because Fox typically is pro-war against anyone and anything without bona fide cause and for any reason:

Perhaps of more concern is the analysis presented by Paul Craig Roberts, who has a little more experience in DC politics and Government policy advisement than anyone in the cable media:

No sign this morning of Washington coming to its senses. Zero Hedge reports that Trump is canceling his trip to Peru’s Summit of the Americas in order to oversee the US attack on Syria. If the attack is real and not merely a hit at an unimportant target for PR effect, war could be upon us…”War With Russia Approaching” and “On The Threshold Of War.”

Let’s hope saner minds somehow prevail in DC, though I’m not sure where those brain cells might reside. With a debt-riddled and a larger “explosion” than the one that hit in 2008 percolating throughout the U.S. financial system, it seems that Washington’s policy alternative of choice is, “when all else fails, start a war.”

The insane intra-day and inter-day volatility in the stock market is the primary signal that the system is spinning out of control.  The “trade war” narrative is strictly cosmetic.  The market turmoil reflects the conflict between the extreme inert overvaluation of financial assets and the money sloshing around in the hands of perma-bullish traders who never experienced a market collapse.  The drum-beat of war – trade and military – is meant to deflect the public’s attention from the underlying economic reality.

I would suggest that this is why gold is moving higher despite the overt effort by the Fed/banks to suppress the price and  the overwhelming negative investor sentiment toward gold.

7 thoughts on “Is War By Proxy With Russia Inevitable?

  1. Crazy town, that’s what we call it here. No telling what will happen in the near future.

    Conflict will naturally increase until some sort of catharsis occurs. Will that be war or some kind of diplomatic settlement?

    IMHO, the western warmongers are used to getting their way so they will just double down – it’s worked every time before. They have no plan B. On the other side, Russia knows that it’s strategy of continually deflecting the hegemon’s parry is coming to a close. The hegemon is desperate and Russia knows that it is cornered. The hegemon WILL strike out because its remaining strength is its ability to cause major havoc. It has no more subtle moves. If it doesn’t pull a samson move, it will be seen as weak and then its era of dominant power will be over.

    Sad as it makes me to say, I don’t think we will get out of this situation without a military escalation where many people die. The hegemon needs to be severely wounded or killed, otherwise this dystopia we live in will only get worse. What’s the meaning of having a human experience that is so depraved? Better to wipe it out and start over.

  2. It certainly appears a lot is not as it appears! And all those coincidences! The fire in Trump Tower appears to be a distraction – maybe there were some FBI agents mixed in with the firefighters. Why on earth is Mueller investigating Stormy Daniels, a two bit porn star …. isn’t Mueller’s brief to investigate Russiagate – and then to throw one of the most sacred rights out the door, client privacy privilege. Just as the China and America are ramping up a trade war, Xi Jinping does the unthinkable – and announces some amazing trade sanction news that “sends” Wall Street up, up and away. I wonder if that was arranged in Florida over that famous chocolate cake. The giant fiat Ponzi scheme is about to collapse and WW3 is the only chance the Deep State have to take back control and distract the world. The Skripals may well be discharged from hospital, but bet we never see or hear from them again. The farcical Syrian poison gas on its own people is unbelievably stupid with little kids gasping from the freezing cold water that is tipped over them to make it look like poison. Wouldn’t it be nice if the world would wake up …. well here is one ordinary everyday grandma who HAS woken up to what is really going on. I honestly believed Donald Trump was a bumbling buffoon albeit a 10000% times better than having another Clinton in the White House. I now believe that Trump will indeed save us and is working with both Putin, and Xi Jinping to do just that. LONG LIVE PUTIN, XI JINGPING AND TRUMP

  3. The Western World is run by insane idiots.
    We will see in few days what they going to do. I expect to gold go up only.

  4. Who is pushing World towards next World War?!? , USA and other western puppets .There is no any opposition. Is there any smart politician??

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