It Was The Devil vs. The Loch Ness Monster

And the Devil lost.

The “Deplorables” came out and voted against HRC.  They didn’t vote for Trump.  They voted against the corrupt DC/Wall Street Establishment and against the Democratic National Committee criminal enterprise.  The Dems could have put just about anyone else up against Trump and won.

We knew what we were getting with Hillary Clinton:  the reincarnation of Al Capone.   We don’t know what we’ll get with Trump.   But can it be any worse than what we’ve had for the last 16 years?   A Clinton victory would have sealed that fate.   At least with Trump there’s some small chance that the forces at work destroying the U.S. middle class will be halted.

Unfortunately the mainstream media was successful at smearing Trump and building a false narrative about Hillary Clinton.   But Americans vote with their wallet and the fact that Trump won Wisconsin – the first time in 32 years that State voted for the Republican candidate – and the fact that Trump took most of the Rust Belt States reflects a middle class that is far worse off now than it was 8 years ago.   And Hillary was correctly perceived as the candidate who was going to perpetuate the policies that are destroying this country.

The truth is that not much will change under Trump.  The U.S. is enveloped in a systemic collapse – financial, economic, social and political – that is an inevitability regardless of who or which party occupies the Oval Office.

The United States has operated like a giant Ponzi scheme for several decades – a Ponzi scheme fueled by debt, fraud and overt corruption.   When  a Ponzi scheme fails nothing can stop its collapse.  The U.S. has crossed that Rubicon – but long before the Loch Ness Monster defeated the Devil.

13 thoughts on “It Was The Devil vs. The Loch Ness Monster

  1. The curse of Donna Brazile has been extinguished! No more sardonic humor needed about needing approvals from the Ministry of Truth! I mean the DNC.

    May all of the Silicon Valley phoneys (Google, Facebook, twitter execs….), Hollywood & music industry trash, wannabe sports star hacks, Wall Street & bankster executives, and all media PROPAGANDA PRESSTITUTES (includes George Stephonopoulos) & rest of neo-liberal riff-raff jump off of rock cliffs at Malibu beach into the Pacific ocean, with lead cylinders tied to their feet.

    As I see it, 2 main choices presented to American people were:

    1. Shooting self in the head
    2. Shooting self in the foot causing grave wound (potentially life threatening, but reasonably good hope of avoiding death w/ possible amputation)

    American public have rejected shooting themselves in the head. They’ve shot themselves in the foot & are gravely wounded. But there is very good hope of prolonging life.

  2. Speaking of the Loch Ness monster, what is the difference between the elusive weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the Loch Ness monster? ………The’re still looking for the monster!

    Your very own version of BREXIT. Is there a more stupid, and over paid proffesion than political consultants and pollsters? And the politicians go back to these same snake oil salesman again and again. Trump ignored all the advice, all the so called topics to stay away from, and won. Here’s a clue…. If you keep calling someone the new Hitler, don’t be surprised when people are shy about telling pollsters they are going to vote for him.

    I guess the danger for Trump is the whole financial house of cards now collapses, and the elites can blame it all on Him. I understand he has Goldman Sachs people in his financial team , and he is also a friend of both George Soros and Henry Kissinger. We will see. I wonder if Assange will be allowed out of the Embassy Now . May you live in interesting times.

    1. Phony polls are just another form of insidious propaganda – it’s a tool designed to persuade the masses to go with the direction of the poll and discourage the other side from voting. It worked for Hitlery and the DNC against Bernie in California. But the people woke up enough to see through the ruse in the big election.

    1. If you can give me a phone number for Working Group on Financial Markets, I’ll call and ask them why they are slamming gold and pushing stocks higher today. It’s for sure a 212 area code and it’s in the same building as the NY Fed.

      1. The gangsters seem unimpressed that a new sheriff’s in town. One of these days someone’s going to pull the trapdoor underneath the BTFD crowd, rigged markets or not.

  3. Looks like gold is doing a Brexit, as in pump and dump. TPTB wanted to show fear (gold going up), but then thought better of it and reverted back to the 1270’s. All in one day!

    Back to business as usual.

    Congrats to everyone who stayed the course. An historic day.

  4. According to the documentary The Brothers Grimm, Hillary
    should be burned and the ashes placed in a mirror lined coffin.
    You have to be sure , you know.

  5. Trump won first battle , but to beat big mafia he has to win the War.
    It’s going to be very long and bloody.
    Right now big mafia shows who is the Boss – dollar up , Dow up , gold down.

  6. To choose someone besides Hillary would imply that the democrat party is not a criminal party. Sadly thats not the case anymore, they are the party of criminality with a whatever it takes philosophy to obtain and maintain their power – there are no principles beyond the lust for power. Its why the alt-right is mostly former democrats who are classical liberals that reject the progressive left policies of a totalitarian one world government.

    1. To further your point (somewhat tangentially related to it):

      It is pretty rich that today’s neo-liberal Democrat Party finds itself in total opposition to true liberals like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange. (Or has contempt for many other whistle-blowers like Thomas Drake, William Binney, Bradley/Chelsea Manning & many others.) Today’s Democrat Party is just a repugnant fascist neo-liberal bunch held hostage by George Soros/Rockefellers, that is using the brain-dead propagandized millennials in urban US as their “Useful Idiot” pawns.

      It’s about time this Democrat Party fractures itself into 2, with the civil liberties’ respecting “truer” liberals defecting into a second faction. Kind of like how the Whig Party fractured itself around the time of Civil War.

      Some sort of fracture may (need to) happen with today’s Republican Party as well, with possibly the neo-con faction uniting with neo-liberal fascist faction of Democrat Party. Or maybe, neo-cons stay as a separate gang based on differences in social issues such as gay marriage, abortion etc. Republican Party identity crisis is a topic for another day.

      It’s not a surprise that both of these “major” parties are going thru identity/existential crises at the present moment, similar to how such things happened around Civil War. I’ve a hunch we’re on the verge of the Second American Civil War.

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