Jade Helm 15: The Government Preps For Totalitarian Control

How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.  – Adolf Hitler

How many of you have heard of Jade Helm 15?  How many of you have heard of it but have not looked into the facts in order to form an educated opinion about what it is all about?

JADE-HELM – stands for:  “Joint Assistance For Deployment and Execution – Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.”   In other words, the Government is getting nervous about the fact that more Americans are now aware of the corruption, criminality and destruction of civil rights.   Jade Helm is specifically intended for the purpose of eliminating fomenting Government insurrection groups.  The States in which Jade Helm exercises are being conducted are “hot beds” for anti-Government militia groups (the latter are your allies).

In order to prep for Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show, I spent a considerable amount of time researching the topic.  I was stunned to find just one mainstream media article in the United States on the event:  A Washington Post article about 20 days ago which barely scratched the surface of the topic and with a headline that directed the reader into immediate disbelief about the alternative media coverage of the issue:  Washington Post link.

Jade Helm is a dissident extraction drill involving members of special forces who are practicing “infiltration techniques.” And it’s also a martial law drill…All military activity in this country is falling under the purview of Jade Helm.  – Dave Hodges, Shadow of Truth

The Shadow of Truth hosted Dave Hodges of The Common Sense show, primarily to find out about his research on the topic of Jade Helm.  We also covered some other controversial topics.   We think you’ll find this show informative and engaging.  While you may not agree with everything he asserts, make sure you have facts which refute his allegations on these topics.  If even just 50% of what Hodges claims is true, this country is in bigger trouble than any of us understand.

20 thoughts on “Jade Helm 15: The Government Preps For Totalitarian Control

    1. I wrote a blog post when Bitcoin was taking off explaining why – despite the claims – the NSA had already figured out how to crack it. It’s why cybercurrencies are useless.

      I guess if this guy had read my blog post, he would have had his money in physical gold, stored under lock, key and a gun instead of in cyberspace.

      1. Good point Dave.. I have avoided any investment in Bitcoin myself, although I think it’s success says a lot about the WW hunger for better, more democratized money. That aside, this guy knew what he was doing.. had the Bitcoin in a wallet on his own computer, and he had a strong password on the wallet that he had only typed once on his computer in 2013. His assumption is that the NSA was able to go through historical keystroke logs to find the sequence vs. actually breaking it directly. Scary, and just one more reminder of the level of tyranny we are subject to.

  1. Measures of more control;

    Cash is now prohibited from being stored in safety deposit boxes, along with coins other than those found to have a collectible value. So says JP Morgan Chase. Cash will no longer be accepted to make payments on credit cards, pay mortgage payments, pay equity lines, or make auto loan payments.

    Soon a bar code tattooed across your forehead, or a micro chip inserted under your skin by your local friendly vet (in the employ of DHLS) in order to conduct business or receive your food by way of government handout. They already have a captured segment of population ready – “volunteers” to receive their micro chips by way of the free shit army! Want food and shelter? Have a micro chip. ‘Won’t hurt a bit, just a little sting. There you go. Now back in line dirt bag’!

      1. Thanks rj

        Consider what JP Morgan Chase said about coins;

        “coins other than those ‘FOUND’ to have a collectible value”.

        So just who “finds” this value? Sounds to me that you must submit your “collectible” coins to the bank for scrutiny, so they may “find” out if they have “collectible” value! Just more control.

  2. The Jade Helm exercise along with all of the military equipment that is being deployed nationwide indicates that they are putting everything in place. Looks like they are not quite ready yet but it won’t be too much longer.

  3. Not concerned too much about Barack being communist….what I am concerned about is that neither party will stand up to the TBTF banks and bring those thieves to justice. Both parties stand by or actively condone and support the financial rape and pillage of the U.S. citizens.
    I would vote for a communist that would bring the TBTF banks and their board members and management to justice….and STOP bailing them out…these guys get all the upside of gambling with our money in the market and NON of the downside …they are not held liable for losses….in other words this is a rigged game…it is theft…and NO party has the balls to confront them and bring them to justice.

    1. Ya. Well that’s almost New Mexico from my perspective (Central Denver) LOL. There is a military base down by the NM border – I forget the name.

  4. Dave & Rory,

    BIG warning on Hodges- – the guy is a hardcore neocon and disinfo pro. I know you guys mean well but this SOT episode was a laugh nearly from start to finish. Hodges’ job is to throw Americans off the scent of who and what is really behind this blatant treachery. Case in point is his idiotic “Red Dawn” scenario. As if Putin isn’t busy enough fighting off Dave’s neocon employers over there… I’m almost embarrassed addressing this ridiculous premise…
    I agree we should have plenty of concern about JH, but be careful of those like Hodges whose job is to confuse and confound. Hodges doesn’t want our focus on our true Enemies and will basically say anything to prevent that. Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall shouldn’t aid him and the disinfo process in any way, nor be associated with Hodges, Steve Quayle, Hawk, or any similar paid agents and nut jobs who thrive on poisoning well-meaning minds.
    These are not our people; be careful here.

    1. I agree, I think Hodges is way off base on most of what he discusses AFTER the Jade Helm segment. I agreed to have him on Shadow of Truth in order to present “that” view of the world. But we can’t throw the baby out with the bath water and I think he’s correct on Jade Helm.

  5. This “ban cash meme” is starting to gain some momentum. On every FRN we see that, This note is legal tender for ALL debts, public and private. So how do these people get away with this crap? I am so sick of the total, utter corruption that oozes out of every orifice of the angle-american empire!!

    RE: Jade Helm 15

    I am convinced this is preparation for a USD devaluation event. An event of this magnitude would ensure chaos based only on the fact that 50 million Americans rely on food stamps just to barely feed their family on a month to month basis. If the USD is suddenly worth 33 to 50% less then they go hungry for 1 to 2 weeks every month and we get hunger riots all across the country.

  6. I would agree with Ed C. I used to listen to the guys that he mentioned, especially Steve Quayle. These guys are way off base, they want you to be fearful and not even know who the real enemy is. I replied to Hodges report on Russia and China as well. He will do everything he can to get your eyes off of the Jews who say they are Jews, but are not, and are of the synagogue of Satan. Money = Control & Power. If you want to know who your enemy is follow the money boys, follow the money…

    1. could people please give me their honest opinion on people like Pete Santilli or Before It’s News or The Common Sense Show or Free Patriot Post?

  7. I listened to the Dave Hodges interview again. There is a lot of things that I agree with and some things that I think that he is wrong about.

    I think that Dave K is right about Obama. He was elected primarily on the basis that he would be different than Bush. There are differences but not really that many. I agree with Hodges that anyone who has any chance of being elected President will be owned by TPTB. I do not think that it matters what Obama’s personal beliefs are. I doubt that he hates America. All it takes is a belief that our leader know what is best for the rest of us and the moral compromise that the ends justify the means.

    Hodges assertion that they are planning a Red Dawn attack is clearly wrong. On the other hand false flag and terrorist attacks are quite possible and probably likely. My own opinion is that TPTB realize that they are not going to be able to prop up the financial system in view of the deteriorating economic conditions all that much longer. They are going to need someone to blame the financial collapse on. Who better than a foreign enemy like the Chinese and the Russians?

    When the collapse occurs you can bet that it will result in social unrest when the people wake up and realize that they have been had. Using foreign troops to run FEMA camps makes since because a lot of American soldiers will be unwilling to use force against their fellow citizens.

    We can’t know for sure what their plans are but JADE HELM and the large movements of military equipment are facts. This plus the on going militarization of local law enforcement indicates that they are preparing to institute martial law. There is no other logical conclusion that can be drawn.

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