Jay Taylor: Turning Hard Times Into Good Times

I will be making my first appearance on Jay Taylor’s “Turning Hard Times Into Good Times” internet radio show – Voice of America – on Tuesday, July 21 at 3:25 p.m. EST/2:25 CST/12:25 PST. You can access the live link or the podcast on demand here: Jay Taylor/Voice of America.


7 thoughts on “Jay Taylor: Turning Hard Times Into Good Times

  1. Good on you Dave. Jay is as upstanding and moral as they come! I was a subscriber to his and trader Rog’s newsletter, years ago. I did pretty well but since QE, I mostly just stand aside.

    I cant wait.

  2. Dave says US financial markets have lost all credibility, and now the glaring instability of the stock markets swagger oozes fat cat style hyperinflation.
    Enter Citibank whose PM’s derivatives just multiplied overnight along with JPMorganChase’s commodities bets.
    The sudden EXPONENTIAL shifts foretell what? Positioning for an armageddon/armagolden for one!
    Timing is said to be everything, so when else would our terminator banks of mass financial wildom wade whole hog into derivative lopsidedness?
    Don’t tell me silver, currencies, bond, stock, and RE markets are not cross connected in every practical way to this heaving, sauntering slab of slickness! There are signs of slippage everywhere as unstable, unstopable slop hits the fan.

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