John Embry: A Serious Upside Explosion In Silver Is Coming

I really like these interviews you and Rory do and for some reason they are a notch above most of the other work out there.  – comment from “Joe”

Yes, I know, we’ve been hearing experts including your’s truly talk about a coming upside explosion in silver for a couple years now.  But the action in the market is suggestive of an underlying dynamic that has changed.   Every attempt by the bullion banks to smash silver below $16 now lasts less than 24 trading hours.   Just look at last week:  silver was smashed below $16 a couple times only bounce back quickly with big-volume spikes.

This occurred, ironically, about halfway thru our podcast recording with John Embry.   Silver was smashed at the Comex open on no news and taken well below $16.  Toward the end of our recording session with John, silver had traded back over $16.   It moved even higher a bit later.   Silver is definitely behaving a  lot differently than it has been over the last 4 years and I will be doing a blog post specifically on this topic later this week, with charts to show the action.

In addition, James Turk mentioned in another interview last week that silver has now joined gold in backwardation from spot to the front-month contract on the LBMA in London.  This means that there is a shortage of silver and buyers prefer delivery upfront rather than paying less through a forward contract in 30 days.   This means buyers prefer holding metal over cash.

You guys are just great! I love the laughs and the lighthearted spirit that you bring to your interviews. Dave Kranzler is a real pleasure to listen to given his obvious expertise and insight. His words resonate with me completely. John Embry, moreover, is a great guest; I’ve been reading his columns for years and find him very credible and articulate. Thank you guys!!
i really like listening to these guys; Dave Kranzler is such a natural & i learned lots from John Embry & Rory is a super interviewer & knows the real scoop on what’s really going on.  thank you for the great conversation.   plz ask John Embry back soon.

I wanted to repost our podcast interview with John Embry because I believe it’s one of Embry’s best interviews in a long time.  He does not hold back or filter his comments.  Rory and I both knew after we finished our recording session that this was a home run interview:

Rory and Dave – you both are awesome!! A thought – i think the central banks of the world are “giving” the impression that they are holding the financial system together [eg, the reverse repo data from the fed]. I think their [central banks] mission is to “take down” the current financial system using the OPTICS that they were desperately trying to keep it together.

The tipping point is NOW. They need to tip this current system over starting now – if they have any hope of the 2018 goal of the progression to a single world currency, {ie, 1988 Economist article of the rise of the Phoenix world currency] – “R Damm” – comment on Shadow of Truth

8 thoughts on “John Embry: A Serious Upside Explosion In Silver Is Coming

  1. Dave,
    Don’t need to publish this, but could yourself and Rory take a few minutes
    To explain at some point or maybe write about them, exactly explaining
    What a derivative is? I’ve looked up their definition but I need a much bigger
    Picture to understand what they are and how they could implode the whole
    System. Thanks, Bill. No need to post this request.

    1. Hey Bill, I wanted to publish this because it’s a great idea and I will talk to Rory about that.

      To anyone else who sees this, please send us via comments or emails any topic suggestions.

    2. Derivative; I too wondered about this and looked at Investopedia. But after much reading this layman came up with this … A derivative is a bet on a bet on a bet and structured just about anyway.

    3. Bill, a derivative are options.
      And these days, almost nobody buys the actual stocks anymore but only options because that’s the only way to make a fast buck. That’s also why the markets move this fast and high And markets are over alued by a factor of 5.

  2. I agree with all of the previous comments. I thought that the interview with John Embry was outstanding. I really like Dave and Rory’s laid back interviewing style. While it is enjoyable to listen to they don’t leave any stones unturned. Embry raised a very good question when he asks where is the silver coming from. In the end you can’t run a continuous deficit between new mining supply and demand without eventually creating a shortage. Maybe the supply is starting to run low now.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I have been reading a lot lately about the attack on cash and it seems to me that the next logical step would be to outlaw possession of PMs. After all, if removing cash from the system in order to (1) force everyone’s transactions to be visible and (2) force wealth to be visible for “taxation” by banks, then allowing alternate methods of clearing transactions or storing wealth would also need to be attacked.

    Removing PMs from circulation or possession would be the next logical alternative.

    Any thoughts?

    1. I have no thoughts on whether they will or not. Everyone seems to have a view on that topic. If they do outlaw gold/silver, an underground economy will develop. If they were to outlaw gold/silver, it would immediately legitimize them as currencies and likely send their dollar-based price to the moon.

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