John Embry: An Explosive Move In Silver Will Dwarf The Move In The Late 1970’s

I  can make the case, Dave, gold and silver may never have been cheaper than they are at the bottom in this cycle compared to the amount of money, and particularly debt, in the world. So, to me, this move we’ve had so far this year is, it’s like a rounding error. – John Embry, Shadow of Truth

It’s becoming more apparent on a daily basis that the Federal Reserve is attempting to exert complete control over the markets.  The Federal Reserve operates from its NY Fed trading base in conjunction with the  U.S. Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Fund, which operates in the same building as the NY Fed.   So much for the notion that the Fed operates independently of the Government.

But it’s not just the markets. It’s becoming more apparent to more people that same cadre of insider elitists who are rigging the stock market also do their best to rig the political process.  This is exemplified by the fact that the SEC announced yesterday that it is investigating the accounting methods of Alibaba.   This is eyebrow-raising because it’s quite obvious that Alibaba’s chief competitor,, has been engaging in fraudulent accounting practices for over two decades.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post.  This is the perfect political hand grenade with which to threaten the DC politicians and political appointees if they were to start probing around Bezos and his enormous business Ponzi schemes.

This insider DC establishment did its best to derail Trump’s attempt at assuming the Oval Office throne.  But the fact that Trump set a record for Primary popular votes  made it next to impossible for the elitists to plausibly justify perverting the Republican convention nomination process with one of its lap-dogs like Romney or Rubio.

On the other hand, it looks like Hillary’s three decade crime spree is finally starting catch up to her. Something happened behind “the scenes,” because all of a sudden the State Department’s Inspector General decided that Hillary broke the law.  This is the first time in Hillary’s history that any official entity has held her accountable for a list of crimes that date back to her days as an attorney and the State of Arkansas’ “First Lady” (I use the term “Lady” very loosely).    Even MSNBC was on her case today.   Some group of unidentified insiders who operate at a level above Hillary have decided she’s not the one  to be their Oval Office pawn.

Meanwhile, the precious metals sector has sprung back to life after a 5-year period of an unabated manipulated price-thrashing of gold and silver.   Despite Goldman Sach’s incessant plea for $800 gold, the yellow dog ran from $1050 in mid-December to just over $1300 by the end of April.  A 24% rise in 4 1/2 months.  In the same period of time, silver ran up nearly 31%.  The mining stocks, per the HUI index, ran up just over 130% since January 19.   If the general stock market or any of the fast-moving sectors made moves like this, the meat with mouths on CNBC etc would be doing naked cartwheels on air every morning.

Rory Hall (The Daily Coin) and I hosted John Embry for a lively discussion of what is happening, why it’s happening and what might happen:

6 thoughts on “John Embry: An Explosive Move In Silver Will Dwarf The Move In The Late 1970’s

  1. “Some group of unidentified insiders who operate at a level above Hillary have decided she’s not the one to be their Oval Office pawn.”

    So they want an outsider they can’t control, Sanders, to be the Democrat’s nominee? Bernie versus Donald…either was the insiders don’t have a president they can control…unless they resort to threats or assassination.

    1. No. They are trying to co-opt the Donald, ergo Paul Ryan endorsement + Fox News sucks his dick now. I think the Democrats bring in a “relief” candidate mid-summer. Someone who will be seen as an alternative to the Donald and who will appease the Bernie supporters – unify the Dems. Trump is seen as the lesser of all the evils right now. Trump ain’t the answer. The answer is Revolution. History has already spoken on that matter many times.

  2. If the FED is going to gamble on a rate hike this summer; it’s last realistic opportunity to raise is during June meeting … the July FED meeting pushes thoroughly into the beginning of election cycle as the National Nominee Conventions are held 3rd week of July.

  3. When you think of it… For how many years have THEY managed to suppress the price of precious metals, especially Silver.
    At least, since 1980 and the “corner” by the Hunt Brothers.

    Which makes me think that this whole circus can last for much longer than I expect…
    And even that the point of reset will only happen when those bastards ‘house of cards has been exposed for all to see.
    When will that be ?

  4. As you probably know, I’m late to your website, so I found it interesting your comments/criticisms about Jim Richards.
    So I googled his name, “Jim Richards,” and the “Defense Department.”
    And this article was about the 4th entry on the 1st page of Google.
    It was your article you wrote a couple years ago on Jim Richards.

    So I read it, but I’m still not sure of your argument.
    I understand your 1st point about Jim being a front man for the Defense Department, and he’s desire to sell the IMF SDR, but is your criticism of that scenario still valid today?
    And considering Richards new book; The New case for Gold, is your argument still valid?

    And secondly, regarding your point about the BRICS To Form Their Own “IMF:” doesn’t that stymie Richards selling of the IMF SDR, and that the ability for the BRICS To Form Their Own “IMF:” won’t that eventually overwhelm the IMF SDR anyway??

  5. I see you haven’t responded to my question (above), in way of an answer.
    It was not a rhetorical question, and neither was it my intention to start a fight with yourself, Jim Richards or any others in the gold and silver industry.
    I really want to understand your thoughts, because as you know, I’m a newbie to this industry, and all I’m trying to do is educate myself with as much knowledge as I can.

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