“Julian Assange Is Going To Be Hillary Clinton’s Worse Nightmare”

“The woman is a flat out liar,” he said. “She’s a woman who is devoted to the dollar rather the country. And I think her election would be a disaster to the American people.”  – G. Gordon Liddy, architect of the Watergate scandal – LINK

I find it absolutely mind-blowing that one of the leading front-runners to be the next President – Hillary Clinton – is someone who appears to have committed multiple felonies and high treason in her term as Obama’s Secretary of State.  There is absolutely no question that she sold U.S. policy decisions to the highest foreign bidder in return for large “donations” to the Clinton Foundation.

The fact that a significant portion of the population would vote for her to be President is another obvious sign that the United States is collapsing in a sea of ignorance and apathy. It’s like watching the chickens in the chicken yard cheering for Colonel Sanders when he shows up to greet them with a smile while holding a machete behind his back.

Rather than running for President, Hillary Clinton should be in the process of defending herself from going to jail for a long time, if not for life.

“It’s obvious what she has done,” said Liddy on Clinton’s private email server. “She has cherry picked information to go public. Destroyed and or concealed the rest.”  – G. Gordon Liddy from link above

When I first watch this interview with Kim Dotcom in which he said Julian Assange would start releasing material that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton, I was less than hopeful that it would actually happen:

But then I woke up to a news report from the International Business Times which reported that, despite Hillary Clinton’s insistence that she was not involved in the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, her State Department was intimately involved in the process of drafting and negotiation the deal:

At a Congressional hearing in 2011, Clinton told lawmakers that “with respect to the TPP, although the State Department does not have the lead on this — it is the United States Trade Representative — we work closely with the USTR.” Additionally, State Department cables reviewed by International Business Times show that her agency — including her top aides — were deeply involved in the diplomatic deliberations over the trade deal.  –  International Business Times

The reports were released by Julian Assange’s Wikileaks.  In the video clip linked above, Kim Dotcom has indicated that Assange will be releasing a plethora of information which will bury Hillary Clinton – hopefully once and for all.

Per the test of history, hubris is the Achilles’ heel of corrupt politicians with blind ambition to achieve the pinnacle of wealth and power.  Hillary has been enabled by the blind devotion of the brain-dead Americans who support her and by her access to power channels which have facilitated her ability to cover-up or destroy any attempts to undermine her path to the Presidency.

The entire U.S. political system, especially at the Federal level – including the judicial branch – has lapsed into the biggest cesspool of corruption and criminality in recorded history.  Hillary Clinton is a felon who runs her political organization like a Sicilian mafia don.  While nothing will save the U.S. from ultimate collapse, the political and legal destruction of Hillary Clinton might enable the hoi polloi to enjoy a few more waning hours before the country’s final implosion.

9 thoughts on ““Julian Assange Is Going To Be Hillary Clinton’s Worse Nightmare”

  1. What Hillary Clinton may know that Assange has yet to learn is that the dollar is not just a currency. When we are stuck in “the dark side” of a liquidity model that features debt based liquidity and asset based liquidity, it’s very easy to miss the role that the dollar plays/can play in debt-free trading.

    As an example, within the debt-free paradigm of this liquidity yin-yang, gold bullion can be used as a debt-free currency, denominated by weight. The dollar can be a real-time relative measure to compare the pricing of bullion and an item that the gold might trade for in a purchase where the item that trades for the gold is priced (measured) in a fiat currency. The real-time value (measure) of USD/oz allows the market to globally trade gold weight for the an economic widget such as a man’s new suit.

    1. I’am sure Mr. Assange “knows” what the US dollar is. It does not act in “debt-free trading” since it depends upon debt for it’s existence! Physical gold is NOT a currency. It is REAL money. Your point has no point, except that of deflecting attention away from Hillary “Hitllery” Clinton and her treasonous criminal actions, aided and abetted by her criminal backers.

      1. Do not soil the good name of Adolf with that of Clinton. Say what you must about Der fuhrer, at least he really loved his people.

  2. Dave,

    I agree with you on Hillary. She and her husband are pond scum. But the issue of her as President is minor compared to what your and my country ( Canada ) face. Canada is owned by Goldman Sachs. Hillary is just a festering sore in a cesspool of filth. The only hope is a return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Print your own debt free currency and rebuild. All the while hunting the predator class down.

  3. “There isn’t a shred of evidence that Hillary used her private server for classified information, because the evidence was shredded.” Charles Krauthammer

    My advice to Julian Assange is be careful. People show up dead when they rub the Clintons the wrong way, or are a threat to doing them wrong.

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