Kinder Morgan Report

This research will report will present an alternative view of Kinder Morgan based on an in-depth look at the “fine print” in KMI’s publicly filed financials. This is an analysis of the Company that seeks to dispel Wall Street’s methodically and carefully constructed perception of the Company.

This report shows:

  • How Kinder operates in a manner that is often associated with Ponzi schemes
  • The way in which Richard Kinder has managed the Company for his personal financial benefit a the expense of shareholders
  • Why tangible book value of the stock is $3.70/share
  • Why the Company’s cash flow model is not as stable as the market believes

This report is $35.   A complimentary issue of the latest Short Seller’s Journal is included and will be emailed separately to you. It is available to subscribers of the Short Seller’s Journal for $15 (email me if interested).