Kinder Morgan Slashes Dividend 74% – Stock Plunges After Hours

Kinder Morgan finally announced an anticipated dividend cut.  It slashed its dividend from $2.04/yr – 51 cents per quarter – to 50 cents annually, or 12.5 cents quarterly.   Something is wrong with this company beyond the fact that it has been forced to cut its dividend in order to preserve cash.

I am not recommending shorting it – yet.  (click image to enlarge)  I am not recommending anything other than investors shouldUntitled get out of the way by getting out of this stock.   I am in the process of digging through the financials to figure out where the hidden landmines are buried.  I’ve already found a few highly questionable items.  It’s clear that anyone with a “buy” recommendation is either a criminal or has not done proper research.

I am introducing a weekly newsletter service.  Subscribers will receive a weekly report either Sunday evening or early Monday morning.   The report will include a short comment on the previous week’s market activity;  one or two stock ideas focusing on short sell ideas, mining stocks (primarily juniors) and special situations.   I will include whether or not the idea is short term trade or longer term investment.  I will also have specific put/call options suggestions.

I am working on a big research report on KMI.  Subscribers to the newsletter will be able to purchase this report for big discount. (Note, after you go through the Paypal subscription procedure, you will be redirected to a page that will enable you to download the current newsletter. After that, you will receive a weekly email with each week’s newsletter attached in PDF form).


2 thoughts on “Kinder Morgan Slashes Dividend 74% – Stock Plunges After Hours

  1. Thanks Dave. Hey, “Kinder” ist the German word for “Children”. First when I read this name Kinder Morgan on your page (never heard it before) I wondered: Children of JP Morgan? So does JPM meanwhile even have it’s own “species”? It wouldn’t suprise me at all. LOL.

    1. That’s a really interesting observation. You quite possibly could be on to something. But actually the co-founder of the company is a dude named Richard Kinder and the last name of the other co-founder is Morgan

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