LBMA Uses Unallocated Gold To Manipulate the Fix

“If you own gold, you have money. If you don’t own gold, you have a problem”  – (James Turk).  To that I’ll add:  If you don’t have physical possession of your gold, you do not own gold

A significant amount of gold is held as “unallocated,” which is when an entity buys gold and establishes an account that is credited with value of the gold purchased.  A gold bar is not actually stored on behalf of the “buyer.”  Rather the buyer has a “promise” from the bank vault custodian to deliver the bar or its cash equivalent when the entity decides to either take delivery or “sell” the bar.

Because an actual bar in the buyer’s name is not sitting in the custodial vault, the buyer does not incur storage or other related fees. BUT, the buyer does not have legal title of ownership to anything other than an account  showing the value of the “gold.”  Like a checking account, the bank is entitled to use the proceeds from the gold “purchase” for its business operations.

This arrangement is really no different than than Comex paper gold contract long position. In other words, an unallocated gold account is nothing more than security interest in the account – it’s a paper derivative.

In this regard, the LBMA is little more than a fractional gold banking system, just like the Comex. The advantage of the unallocated gold account system is that the entities that run the a.m./p.m. London price fix can use unallocated gold offerings to give the illusion that the price fix is based on bona fide demand and supply of actual physical bars. Yet, very little physical gold changes legal ownership or is moved from the unallocated accounts to allocated accounts when the fix process clears.

Ronan Manly has been knocking the cover off the ball with his research and analysis which exposes the fraud and corruption engulfing the  London gold market.  In this must-read article, Manly explains the process by which the LBMA uses its twice-daily price “fix” – which is indeed a “price fixing operation” and little more –  to artificially suppress the spot “price” of gold:

As the gaping spread between London (LBMA) spot gold prices and front-month COMEX gold futures prices persists for a sixth week triggered by the bullion bank EFP liquidity blow up on Monday 23 March 2020, one unappreciated aspect of this gold price discovery scandal is that daily London LBMA Gold Price auctions are deliberately ignoring COMEX gold prices when setting the Opening Price (starting price) in the twice daily gold price auction.

His work explains the factors which have caused the unprecedented price differential between the “spot” price and the Comex futures price curve. You can read the entire piece here: LBMA Gold Price benchmark ignoring market conditions, short-changing investors.

4 thoughts on “LBMA Uses Unallocated Gold To Manipulate the Fix

  1. In your view, is having Gold with Bullionvault, GoldMoney, … ( company that focus their marketing speech on 1:1 possession of Gold) equivalent to physical possession of the metal ?

    1. No. If you have physical possession of gold and silver, you own gold and silver. If you have
      a custodial account of any type that sends you a monthly statement showing the value of a
      gold/silver account, you DO NOT own gold. You are indexing the ROR on gold/silver

  2. Beware of Goldmoney. I had a terrible experience withdrawing my funds. Had to reach to the CIFO (Channel Islands Financial Ombusdman) to withdraw my funds.
    The process took me around five months, after having metals with them since December 2008.

    1. If you don’t hold your gold and silver in your own hands, you don’t own gold or silver.
      Custodial accounts are the equivalent of derivatives.

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