Massive Asset Bubbles And Cheap Gold And Silver

Notwithstanding today’s absurdly phony and propagandistic employment report, it’s becoming more apparent by the week that the Fed and the U.S. Government are once again preparing to print more money. I don’t know when the Fed will revert to more QE but I would argue that the intense effort by the banks to use the Comex as a conduit to control the price of gold is a probable signal – just like in 2008 from March to October. Several FOMC officials have already hinted at the possibility of employing “radical” policy measures to keep the system from falling apart.

Silver Liberties invited on its podcast to discuss the extreme overvaluation of financial “assets” and the extreme undervaluation of real money – gold and silver – and the related derivative of real money – mining stocks.

6 thoughts on “Massive Asset Bubbles And Cheap Gold And Silver

  1. You know what I’m about to say, but a lot of the public isn’t clear on this.
    “it’s becoming more apparent by the week that the Fed and the U.S. Government are once again preparing to print more money. ”

    When you say “printing money” it isn’t all physically printed; some is just digitally created money by computer keystrokes, right?

  2. I just listened to the first minutes of your interview. You were talking about bubbles and how a bad miss at Google did not affect the stock market. There is a very deep rabbit hole that you may want to dive into to find more evidence about “miraculous” market moves. If you use a search engine and input “21 trillion missing money” you will get a link to the “Solari Report” published by Catherine Austin-Fitts. She was assistant secretary at “Housing and Urban Development” (HUD) in Washington. Go search on Greg Hunters YouTube channel and look for her and Professor Dr. Mark Skidmore.
    Happy trails, Dave!

  3. There is an agenda beyond sheer greed that explains why the US equity market is constantly manipulated higher.

    1. A failure to do so would expose the total failure of central banks who have taken away the incentive to save and to earn interest on savings, thus ruining not just pensioners and pension funds but the global economy

    2. The US needs ever higher capital inflows to keep the Dollar stable and to finance its huge covert and overt deficit. Alasdair has just written an excellent article about this.

  4. Hi Dave – just bringing to your attention a new refining process – look at Bayhorse Silver/ Mineral Solutions pair – It is revolutionary what mineral Solutions is doing. Bayhorse was willing to be the testing miner. Mineral Solutions is a few ex-JPL boys who thought they could refine better and without a smelter. Efficient/cheaper/environmentally green/excellent for smaller miners. Best interview with Bayhorse was Louis James on May 3 2019.

  5. Now it is official: Central Banks Have Been Babysitting Markets, Deutsche Bank says to Bloomberg. After the Greenspan put came the Yellen put, then the Powell put. Ruskin explains why CBCB have greased the markets.

  6. Markets ? May 6th the most incredible day in history. The fraud is beyond
    belief. The looting is going on right in front of our faces and the Stock
    market is nothing more then a money laundering operation. Buy gold,
    food and ammo, when this shit show ends it’s going to be real, real ugly.

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