…while Obama goes on a rampage threatening every country and region of the world economically and militarily, China continues to forge and expand its relationships with all of the U.S.’ former allies.   Here’s another one:   China/Kuwait Meet Up.

Rest assured, any economic agreements will not include using the U.S. dollar to settle trade activities between the two countries.   While Obama struts his stuff, China quietly and methodically is working to make the U.S. dollar irrelevant…

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  1. I notice that Alistair Macleod is now predicting the end of the London Gold Fix as well. ” The LBMA is not a regulated market, but derivatives and share prices based on precious metals are, so regulators have a duty to be interested. The FCA should broaden its investigations accordingly, but whether it does or not it is hard to see how the twice-daily gold fix can survive.”

    Lame stream news for the first time is talking about the three hedge funds behind all the commodity markets and Volcker has come out and said we need a new Bretton Woods agreement.

    The Chinese have invited HSBC, Standard and Chartered , ANZ and Chartered Bank to help them to effect the price of gold. These banks are the back bone of the Rothschild far eastern trading system.

    Putin came out recently and said reading between the lines that the gold must be stored in China or Russia.

    Snowden has revealed that the Bahamas was is under 24 hr. total real time surveillance, every telephone and computer monitored. Algorithms running on all communication, probably with back doors open and phones and computers running listening and watching programs. This kind of traffic monitoring can only be for the hedge funds as I don’t believe the narcotics from the Bahamas are that important any more. The Bahamas nowadays tends to specialize in insurance and hedge funds.

    The easiest way to renege on the hedge fund positions with the OTC derivatives is to close the fix.

  2. It must be worrying for the Russians right now. If you recall Josef Stalin was invited into the first Bretton Woods agreement but refused because he did not trust the dollar or fiat currencies generally. As a consequence he became a hate figure in the West and was demonized, although Churchill when you look at what he did in the First and Second World Wars had to have just as much blood on his hands.

    The Soviet Union then struck a deal with the Chinese to form an alternative trading bloc to the Bretton Woods agreement. The Chinese reneged on this deal with the West and the Soviets did not have the markets necessary to sustain an isolated economy dependent on they were on oil sales as to the West for wheat. The rest is history.

    The Russians faced with encirclement and destabilization has again turned to China on unfavorable terms for its gas and oil trying to escape . The US Congress has agreed $ 10 b to destabilize Russia and the Soros Foundations must have trebled that. The FSB budget in contrast for the whole world is less than $ 3 b.

    China’s response take the oil and gas and call in Standard and Chartered, ANZ, Chartered, and HSBC to help them run the new gold system. If I were a Russian I would be very worried right now. Russia has opened itself up to China and could get gutted by the West again.

    I listened to a Yahoo business piece about the Hedge Funds that ruled the world. Surprisingly they all turned out according to this book to be owned by Russian/Israeli tycoons who had made their money in the break-up of the Soviet Union like Marc Rich and another Russian whose name I remembered but have now forgotten.

    I remember Marc Rich doing his first wheat deal into Odessa to get at the oil he had to deliver physical wheat. Back then he was nothing and now suddenly he and three others like him own the world? I don’t believe it.

    More likely the Chinese and the Rothschild banks are about to tear Russia apart now that Exxon and the seven sisters are in Siberia to deliver the Chinese gas. I would think the days of Russia are close to over. As a consequence the so-called Commodity Hedge Funds could be about to take a nasty dirt bath.

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